Sunday, January 30, 2022

~ Quiet ~

 We are making our way through January aren't we?
We've had some wonderful snow storms
and some crazy wind
which actually blew the porch cover off the entrance 
to our house!
I won't go into the silly things that have been done
to this sweet old farm cottage in which we live.
There are better things to dwell upon.
Our temperatures being true winter temps.,
have put a hush on area.
It's one of those quiets you can hear. 
I actually like winter months and long evenings,
though I do miss our wood heat.
And by March, I am among the first chomping at the bit
to be out playing in the dirt.
But for right now I have plenty to do.
I would call this
"the time to keep."
In keeping our homes, there are so many tasks.
It's funny how easily they are overlooked when we are on the run,
but slow down for a few minutes or sit a little longer in the evening and you begin to notice.
How did that happen?
Or, when did that get there?
I will tell you, I have darned 5 pairs of socks
 and have 4 more pair yet to do!
I also saved what beans we harvested just to eat as beans
so have been shelling/cleaning those.
That has to be one of the most boring jobs ever,
but there's time to do it.
And I'm grateful for them.
We had such a strange summer with that "heat dome"
our garden and canning seemed off for the whole of summer.
I also finished the hand quilting
 of a quilt I started some time back.
I have 2 potholders to stitch the binding on and
another pair of socks started.
The first pair of socks I made (for me) fit my dad!
He likes them, says they are warm.  
I'm glad they were green and not pink and purple.
I am almost to the heal of the new sock.
The chickadees are still about and flutter around the feeder
where I can see and enjoy them.
We've now only traces of dirty snow where it was drifted.
Most of it is gone so everything looks grey.
It makes me want to sit and drink tea and read a book,
which I have done a little bit of.
I relish a good read and cup of tea time.
I've been reading "nice" books as a bit of a counter 
to all that is heard elsewhere.
Near my chair are:
"Country Chronicles" by Gladys Taber

"The New England Butt'ry Shelf Almanac" 
by Mary Mason Campbell

"Southern Jack Tales" by Donald Davis

I might start the second book in "The Little House" series.
I read the first book which was good.
I learned that she had originally written it for adults with a lot more description but was told by publishers that it was too dark.
So she rewrote it as she did aimed towards children.
Though dark, it makes me wonder if those original manuscripts still exist somewhere.
Her life wasn't easy.  What lessons we could learn.
And what gratitude it might provoke.

And lastly, I have open to read online, 
"The Lady's Annual Register and Housewife's Memorandum Book
for 1838" by Caroline Gilman
This is an interesting piece in that it will have a recipe,
a bit of poetry, instructions on how to clean a specific item,
information about a ladies' group, etc.
It seems very random but makes for quick reading if you only have a short time.
And since typing the above and having it nearly ready,
I came down with the virus.
It literally flattened me.
I am still recovering but am thinner and weaker at the moment.
I am slowly trying to get my house back in order.
It's amazing how those little things we do daily 
to keep the house all add up.
It will get there.
The perk of sleeping for 2 weeks straight is that I spent
zero dollars for 2 weeks.
Talk about saving money :-)
I am seeing how long I can go without any "extra" purchases,
meaning I will obviously pay our power or get milk etc. 
but no extra things.
We now have only 2 days until February 
and somehow as cold as the month is, 
it seems warmer with endearments since St. Valentine's Day
is a couple weeks in.
When the children were little,
we did an advent to St. V Day.
They loved it.
I've always liked St. Valentine's Day.
Love, Chocolate, & Flowers~
What's not to love?
I prefer to do my "Holiday" baking in February
because there is nothing else going on.
In December, we are always over extended so I don't like to 
add more to the list during that time.
Hopefully, I will be able to share what goodies 
I decide upon as it gets closer.
Until then,
keep well and warm dear friends.