Thursday, July 9, 2020

Caught in the Middle

I was just driving by and thought I'd stop in for a quick visit.
Despite all appearances, I've not fallen off the edge of the earth.
I hope you all had a wonderful holiday weekend.
We extended our weekend to 4 days.
That was the most consecutive days we've taken off since autumn 2018.
We went to the Salmon River with some friends who have a cabin
where the only access is by plane, boat, or a 15 mile hike.
It was wonderful, but very active
so by the time we returned Sunday evening, I needed another vacation.
We woke up early Monday morning and went back to work.
Hubby worked over 14 hours and I over 10.
The past two days, he has worked just over 12 and I have worked about 10.
I'm the one who has been getting laundry done,
mowed the yard, cooked the meals, etc.
If I didn't leave a little earlier, we would be walking around
starved, 'neked', and filthy (no mental images please.)
I've been sleeping like a rock the past couple nights!
In addition, I've been tending the garden and pulled our garlic.
I love home.
Those of you who have been around here a while already know that.
I feel torn at times wanting to be home and take care of things
and having to go to work and take care of things.
And here I am - right in the middle.
I can't help but think that there must be others out there 
in similar situations.
I have to have a day at home now and then or I just don't function.
Hubby is the opposite and loves to be on the go.
We know this about each other and 
both try to compromise and be mindful of each other's needs.
We are each capable of getting stuck in our own thoughts
and it only takes a reminder of
"I need a day at home," or "I need to go fishing."
The thing is, 
we need to feed our souls ~ all of us.
I'm working on a few things that do just that,
feed my soul.
And this week hasn't allowed me those little morsels of time
that I usually capture for my own pleasure.
That's when I start getting all wonky inside.
I will get to stay home Saturday and not sure about Sunday.
I am focusing on that while I work on quarterly taxes
and other things work related.
I think we all need that balance.
Believe it or not, this blog is a release for me.
I enjoy it so when I don't get to post for a while,
I guess I miss y'all. 😊
I have 2 posts nearly complete.
One of my goals for this weekend is to get those two posts
rounded out and ready to go.
And hopefully a third post to let you know just what I have up my sleeve~
So until next week,
many happy smiles.

PS~ I drive by this old rig somewhat often.
It looks so content just taking a break under the shade of a locust tree.
To me, it's a peaceful scene.

Friday, June 26, 2020

~An Update and A Sale You Should Know About~

First, I would just like you to know a couple things here on the home front.
I am having issues with the privacy settings on my phone
so I have commented on several blogs
and the comments don't go through.
At least I've figured out that it's something in "privacy."
I suppose that is a step in the right direction.

Also, I've not forgotten you.
I know there has been a bit of a lapse in my post.
My dad ended up in the hospital which 
threw a monkey wrench in things.
He is home and recovering, but if you are the praying sort
and would like to add his continued recovery to your prayers
this here little blogger would be ever grateful.
*~*~Thank you~*~*

Had to let you know those things.

Now, onward: