Monday, December 19, 2022

Simple Traditions

 Good Morning Dear Friends
We have been busy as ever 
as I am sure many are this time of year.
For many in the trades,
 work seems to slow down about now through spring.
That's not happened for us since opening the business.
Though a bit of a break would be nice at times,
it truly is a blessing to have the work.
(This is the one for our friends.)

Every year, we go get our Christmas tree
about a week to week and a half before Christmas.
We put real candles on the tree
so there is no way we could have a month old tree
and not have a fire hazard.
Also, I'm not sure I could handle a tree in the house
for that length of time.
It always feels nice and clean when it all comes down
and is put away for another year.
(A clear beautiful day.)

It has been cloudy and foggy here for the past couple weeks.
When we headed up the mountain to our usual place,
we broke through the clouds and were greeted with
wonderful bright sunshine.
Up on top where we stop and begin hiking,
it was 16*.
The chill felt good along with the prospect of an 
evergreen to liven up our living room.
We found one for us and one for some friends
who have 2 little ones and weren't able to go get one.
Once we find the tree(s) and make it back to the rig,
we have "real" hot chocky waiting for us.
It's a welcome treat after trekking through the snow.
It doesn't take very long walking in the snow
to get the heart rate up.
(Especially if you have short legs like me ­čśŐ
This year someone had left about a 3' base section of their tree
which I dragged back to use as bows around the house.
It smells so good!
We now have the tree in the house and as decorated
as it's going to get.

We don't worry about perfect d├ęcor or the perfect shape.
That's not what it's all about.
We have made this journey every year for ages
and don't see an end to it any time soon.
It's these little acts or traditions if you will.
That's part of what makes us reliable.
Our children can depend upon certain things,
and that helps create stability.
For young and old alike,
we like the things we can depend on.
It doesn't have to be anything big or extravagant.
It's often the simple things that mean the most.
(So much help.)

Wishing each of you
a Merry Christmas
and a blessed New Year.