Tuesday, October 24, 2023

A Special Gift and A Special Find

 I am just going to say it right out the gate:
I dun got spoiled ๐Ÿ˜Š

As some of you know, 
we have a metal fabrication shop.
I am the only one without a Y chromosome
that I work with.
One of our contractors we work with
is a craftsman with wood as we are with metal.
I was out of the office last Friday.
Hubby was off on a job site so only one of our guys was there.
When Hubby got back to the shop,
he called me to tell me I had a surprise.
I had no clue what he meant.
He said someone really likes me.
I told him I'm mean that nobody likes me ๐Ÿ˜‰ 
Well, the fella who does amazing cabinetry
had stopped in with this.

Before your imagination gets going,
he is married and has a family and is a good family guy.
We had invited them to our annual cidering gathering.
You can see our process here.
It's grown to a little event for several families to gather
at our place for some wholesome autumnal fun.
I have yet to use the board, but I will.
I've had to simply admire it for a while before using it.
I love when quality meets up with beauty.

And as if that weren't enough to feel special.
This weekend, Hubby saw that there was an estate sale
and asked if I'd like to go check it out.
Sure!  I need nothing, but sure (heehee).
So we went.
We didn't get much, because like I said,
we don't really need anything, but. . . 
We came home with this little darling.

(Please excuse the mess - garage is a disaster right now)

Isn't she a gem?
Made in 1923 so it's currently a centennial.
It's a 3 burner kerosene cook stove.
I am so excited to use it, I can hardly contain myself.
We are working on getting it cleaned up first.
I will primarily use it for canning out in the summer kitchen
or if the power goes out.
We no longer have a wood stove so I've missed having a back up to electric other than the BBQ.
I'm also excited to use it for canning, because
often electric isn't a consistent heat.
I will have to "play" with it of course,
but once I get it worked out, it should be great.

I'm not usually a materialistic sorta gal,
but I'm feeling pretty spoiled at the moment.
Maybe a new handbag or diamonds do that 
for some ladies, 
but I'll take a cutting board and old cook stove any day!
Just got to thinking.
Do you think maybe food is a priority for me?
Go ahead and roll your eyes or laugh.
It's all good.
I know I'm not normal ๐Ÿ˜œ
On the docket for this weekend is dipping candles.
I showed that here.
I am either using my last one or have one more pair.
Either way, I'm due.
October is the perfect month for dipping candles
as the wax hardens quickly (without freezing)
after being dipped.
It's a slow methodic process that brings me peace.
And with all that,
I welcome autumn, the dance of golden leaves,
and the crisp nights that remind us
a new calendar will soon be called for.
I hope you enjoy today for the blessings it bestows.
Have a beautiful week dear friends. 

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