Monday, March 11, 2024

Somewhere In The Middle

 It's such an odd time of year, isn't it?
We might have snow one day and sunny skies the next.
With that,
one day we want stew and the next something lighter and fresher.
I have actually enjoyed this winter for the most part.
I still am on those blustery days.
I am also planting seeds and enjoying watching them sprout.
Like those little seeds bursting to life,
I feel like the house is going to burst.
I think those winter projects come out into the living space
and take up room.
They can make the house feel cluttered.
Please tell me it's not just me (cringe).

(Still working on my Forever Quilt)

I've begun the spring cleaning.
Before you shoot, remember this is me.
By the time I get one spot clean, two more are in need.
It does feel good to know that it was done though.
Even if it doesn't last.
I'm not sure if it's the knowing it has been cleaned
or the sense of accomplishment at having done it,
but either way it's good.

On the rare days we have had warm skies,
I try to get out and do some small thing.
It's surprising what a difference they make.
Last weekend, I trimmed up the thyme plant.
I also got one small bed leveled out where the spuds will go.
Then pelt, pelt, pelt. . .
icy rain pellets were being lodged from the clouds
and the wind came along to rile things up.
All said, I was forced back inside.
I tried again yesterday.
I went out to prepare some more trays for planting seeds.
As I was out there,
Mother Nature began snarling and growling and huffing and puffing.
I did get the trays readied, but then went in once more.
The good news in that is that my kitchen is cleaned.
The dining table however, is strewn with seed packets,
calendars, almanac and the like.
The Mini-greenhouse is now in the house - oy!
It used to kinda bother me to have it in the house.
Now, for whatever reason, it doesn't bother me.
I remember that it is temporary and once I am knee deep 
in preserving the harvest, I will miss the days of new green sprouts.

(Cherry Tomato sprouted after 2-3 days!)

I am trying to reign it in this year.
Yeah, I probably say that every year.
I think I only planted 18 tomatoes rather than 82.
So you see, I'm getting better.
(It's okay to laugh.)
There are some specialty herbs I want to try again.
Last year, I struggled getting things going.
The herbs seemed to be the least hardy.
Well, that just means I should try again right?

But it's early yet.
And as tempting as it is to want to rush the season,
it will be gone all too soon.
It's easy to appreciate that springtime sunshine,
but we can also appreciate those growls and grumbles
that come from the sky.
They give us the opportunity to wrap up those indoor projects
and get ready for the upcoming outdoor season. 

Whatever your day holds,
I hope it is a good day and that you are enjoying it
to its fullest.