Tuesday, November 28, 2023

Do You Have the Giddies Yet?

 Now there's a title for you.
As of writing this, there are 27 days until Christmas.
I always enjoy Christmas,
but I am a bit more ready for it this year for some reason.

I know that sounds silly.
Well, maybe it is.
I am not one to deck the place out in lights
in Graceland fashion.
I am more a "let's add some greens over here" sorta decorator.
It's really about the feeling of the season.
Folks are generally kinder.
Although I've seen far fewer shoppers this year so far,
there is still a sweetness to the season.

We have had temperatures in the 20s and low 30s,
but Thursday, the possibility bureau is predicting a chance of snow.
I wanted to build a snow lantern last year, 
but I had to work the one time when we had the right kind of snow.
Yes for you southerners,
there are different kinds of snow.
Also, if you don't know what a snow lantern is,
here let me show you.

Doesn't it look simply magical?

There is still an autumn wreath hanging on our front door.
This weekend, the transformation will take place
and the Christmas sign will be hung.
I've already had my hand in the jar of candy-canes.
I wasn't supposed to admit that (heehee).
I realize all this seems silly,
but the reason we celebrate is for All Knowing Love.
If we can share some joy and glad tidings,
shouldn't we do so?
Now, I ask you . . . 
Are you giddy yet?

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