Tuesday, January 23, 2024

Spare Moments

That could be the whole post summed up in one word.
The holidays came and went and another New Year is upon us.
I must be getting old, because the years seem to be getting shorter.

To share all the gory details of what my days have been comprised
would likely have you nodding off in no time.
But as the temperatures have dropped, 
so too have the activities.
(My "Quilt in a Day" aka Forever Quilt)

I find it's a perfect time to focus on those little needling tasks
that lurk in the corners and jump out and remind us of their presence
when we least desire it.
And with that I will share~
I have about 30 years worth of photos that were 
yes, that is the right word
adorning the spare room bed.
They have haunted me for some time.
Long - oh, mini-series style long story short,
I have been working on them.
I am through my second album.
Next, I will get our wedding pictures in an album.
Have I mentioned, I am not a scrapbooker?
It's so not my thing.

Something else I like to do this time of year
is what I refer to as cleaning to the corners.
Well, "like" might not be exactly the right word.
But it really is a good time to get some of those tasks
taken care of that get neglected the rest of the year.
Oooor is that just me?
(Getting Our Tree)

The decorations are down.
Most of the pine needles are vacuumed up.
There are always some strays aren't there?
Now we can settle in with our new books we received for Christmas
and enjoy the long evenings.
My phone has some annoying settings somewhere I am not privy to
which means what I do is anonymous or entirely blocked.
So I have found that lately I've not been "online" as much.
I like it.
I try to remember what it was like before we were all so
supposedly connected.
While there are many folks and sites that I really like,
I seem to be calmer when I disconnect a little more.

(Thrift store box that just needed conditioning.)

I have found a few spare and much needed moments to pick up my needle and continue on those projects that were set down in the spring when the garden demanded attention.

(Needle-turned applique)

Some folks like to grumble about having to stay home
or not being able to do this or that,
but I find it the perfect season for replenishing the soul
or hibernation as I like to call it.
I've never minded being alone and actually need it at times.
I do love my husband and family and friends,
but there is a filtering within that can only be done in solitude.

It is a season like all the others.
Just because it doesn't parade around with bells and whistles
like some of the other seasons
doesn't render it less important.
So take up a cup of your favorite warm beverage,
find a piece of reading or your needle or widdlin' knife
and find a quiet place.
You might be surprised at what your soul has to share.

Keep well and keep warm dear friends.

Tuesday, November 28, 2023

Do You Have the Giddies Yet?

 Now there's a title for you.
As of writing this, there are 27 days until Christmas.
I always enjoy Christmas,
but I am a bit more ready for it this year for some reason.

I know that sounds silly.
Well, maybe it is.
I am not one to deck the place out in lights
in Graceland fashion.
I am more a "let's add some greens over here" sorta decorator.
It's really about the feeling of the season.
Folks are generally kinder.
Although I've seen far fewer shoppers this year so far,
there is still a sweetness to the season.

We have had temperatures in the 20s and low 30s,
but Thursday, the possibility bureau is predicting a chance of snow.
I wanted to build a snow lantern last year, 
but I had to work the one time when we had the right kind of snow.
Yes for you southerners,
there are different kinds of snow.
Also, if you don't know what a snow lantern is,
here let me show you.

Doesn't it look simply magical?

There is still an autumn wreath hanging on our front door.
This weekend, the transformation will take place
and the Christmas sign will be hung.
I've already had my hand in the jar of candy-canes.
I wasn't supposed to admit that (heehee).
I realize all this seems silly,
but the reason we celebrate is for All Knowing Love.
If we can share some joy and glad tidings,
shouldn't we do so?
Now, I ask you . . . 
Are you giddy yet?

My latest videos if you'd like to watch

Tuesday, October 24, 2023

A Special Gift and A Special Find

 I am just going to say it right out the gate:
I dun got spoiled 😊

As some of you know, 
we have a metal fabrication shop.
I am the only one without a Y chromosome
that I work with.
One of our contractors we work with
is a craftsman with wood as we are with metal.
I was out of the office last Friday.
Hubby was off on a job site so only one of our guys was there.
When Hubby got back to the shop,
he called me to tell me I had a surprise.
I had no clue what he meant.
He said someone really likes me.
I told him I'm mean that nobody likes me 😉 
Well, the fella who does amazing cabinetry
had stopped in with this.

Before your imagination gets going,
he is married and has a family and is a good family guy.
We had invited them to our annual cidering gathering.
You can see our process here.
It's grown to a little event for several families to gather
at our place for some wholesome autumnal fun.
I have yet to use the board, but I will.
I've had to simply admire it for a while before using it.
I love when quality meets up with beauty.

And as if that weren't enough to feel special.
This weekend, Hubby saw that there was an estate sale
and asked if I'd like to go check it out.
Sure!  I need nothing, but sure (heehee).
So we went.
We didn't get much, because like I said,
we don't really need anything, but. . . 
We came home with this little darling.

(Please excuse the mess - garage is a disaster right now)

Isn't she a gem?
Made in 1923 so it's currently a centennial.
It's a 3 burner kerosene cook stove.
I am so excited to use it, I can hardly contain myself.
We are working on getting it cleaned up first.
I will primarily use it for canning out in the summer kitchen
or if the power goes out.
We no longer have a wood stove so I've missed having a back up to electric other than the BBQ.
I'm also excited to use it for canning, because
often electric isn't a consistent heat.
I will have to "play" with it of course,
but once I get it worked out, it should be great.

I'm not usually a materialistic sorta gal,
but I'm feeling pretty spoiled at the moment.
Maybe a new handbag or diamonds do that 
for some ladies, 
but I'll take a cutting board and old cook stove any day!
Just got to thinking.
Do you think maybe food is a priority for me?
Go ahead and roll your eyes or laugh.
It's all good.
I know I'm not normal 😜
On the docket for this weekend is dipping candles.
I showed that here.
I am either using my last one or have one more pair.
Either way, I'm due.
October is the perfect month for dipping candles
as the wax hardens quickly (without freezing)
after being dipped.
It's a slow methodic process that brings me peace.
And with all that,
I welcome autumn, the dance of golden leaves,
and the crisp nights that remind us
a new calendar will soon be called for.
I hope you enjoy today for the blessings it bestows.
Have a beautiful week dear friends. 

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