Thursday, February 22, 2024

The One I Owe You

 Hi All!

Hope this finds you all warm and well.
I've been amiss lately.
Honestly, I've been enjoying winter.
It's been quiet for the most part.
I like quiet.
(Heading Over the Mountain)

For the past several years, I've posted either a Christmas poem or story.
Well, this year I didn't quite get it finished in time.
Then, in January I finished it and didn't get it typed into the computer.
When I write, I write with a pen and paper then type it
from what I have written.
I realize that's old-fashioned.
Does that surprise you?
My brain works better with a pen and paper than with a screen.
(Blueberry Scones)

That said, I did finally get it all typed up, but then
it being so late debated whether I should post it at all.
I know we are beyond the Christmas season,
but I'm still going to post it.
We need the goodness of Christmas as much now as we did 2 months ago.
So that story will follow this post directly.
(Our latest addition.)

As far as what other things have entertained us,
we've had a couple special visits from out of area friends and family.
Those visits are what memories are made of and are treasures
in our hearts.

Also, I am still posting videos and will attach a couple below if you are interested
in money saving tips and ideas.

So in the spirit of Christmas yet still!
Glad Tidings to you and yours.

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  1. Each photo in this post is better than the next. Those scones look amazing. And what a sweet little pup - congratulations! Looking forward to reading your Christmas post. You're right, we are all in a need of a bit of Christmas no matter the season. ~Robin~