Monday, March 28, 2022

Something or Nothing Important

 Hello Friends~
It's nearly the end of March.
That seems a little unreal since we just celebrated
the arrival of the New Year.
The days are getting longer no matter which time
they choose to call it.
It certainly is a true spring.
One day it's freezing and the next is sunny.
For the past two years, I've had very few blossoms
on my lilac bush which is directly out the kitchen
window as it should be.
I figured out a little too late last year
that it was due to being so dry.
I've been keeping my eye on it this year.
And of course so far we've had decent precipitation.
I'm not complaining about that as I'm looking forward
to seeing and smelling those amazing clumps of beauty.
This past weekend, we ended up getting a new rototiller.
We meaning Hubby.
Then he "played" with it most of the day Sunday.
We had so many weeds after last year's heat dome.
Our grounds that we till are all nice and clean now.
Now, we'll just have to keep them weed free.
Then of course it will be planting time.
It's always so exciting when things go in the ground.
It's a true season of hope and expectation.
As we place that tender little green in the dirt,
we can almost taste the delicious fruits and veggies.
Isn't that how it should be?
We should see promise in more things.
Last year, on a whim (shame on me)
I bought a little greenhouse on clearance.
I am now glad I did.
I'm having so much fun with it.
Now I want a bigger one (oy!).
I have my peppers: jalapenos and Anaheim,
tomatoes: three varieties, sweetpeas, hollyhocks,
balsam, cabbage, broccoli, and some herbs.
I've enjoyed watching the little seeds emerge and spring to life.
It seems almost silly that one can be excited over
such a little event.
Then again, it seems silly that one wouldn't be excited
for such a happening.
It's the silly little things like a sprouting seed 
or a bulging bud about to burst open 
that bring so much joy to life.
The big events are going to happen.
They refuse to be ignored.
But the little things that cost nothing and happen quietly
can lift a spirit if only they are noticed.
Those little unimportant things are really significant.
As we progress into spring,
I'm trying to take my own advice 
and minimize screen time.
In winter with the long evenings,
it's easy to justify when it's dark and not much is happening.
There are things I want to do now with longer days.
Also, there is a lot that I don't think is healthy right now
or maybe just not healthy for me.
There are so many living in fear, in anger, or in na├»ve bliss.
Just because the weather is stormy in one area of life,
doesn't mean it can't be sunny in another.
Just as a blizzard is blowing in one place and
in another the warm rays are tanning bare feet.
I feel like I need to find peace in those sunny spots of life.
So if I'm not around making lots of comments,
please forgive me.
Sometimes, I need to listen more than speak
which is the opposite of much online interaction.
I'm here.
I'm living.
I just have to catch my breath
and find some peace in nature.
Doing simple tasks with no interference or interruption
has become a rarity.
That's part of what I'm seeking - 
that completion of thought.
That's the peace I'm looking for right now.
I hope that makes sense.
Until next time~
enjoy this beautiful spring.

*Sandy: thank you for your messages.  You have no reply.