Monday, November 28, 2022

A Little Stitchin' Time

 I've been working in the fun room.
It been a game of sorting and nixing and did I mention sorting?
I began a pinwheel quilt-top last spring.
I had the pinwheels arranged on the floor.
And there they sat. . . 
all summer!
The garden happened, and that was all there was to it.
Then the garden ran late~
Finally, during the past couple weeks,
I've been able to get back to it.
I finished the quilt-top.
I have to finish the quilt I'm quilting now
which is taking forever.
Then I have another one in front of it,
then I can get to this one.
(before the borders)

As I have been stitching,
I have also been trying to go through things 
and do what I like to call "editing."
I have done plenty of good ol' organizing,
and I have a stack of things to go to donation.
In addition to that, I've been trying to think
of projects to "use up" some fabric.
One of the things I've wanted to do for a long time
is make new ironing board covers.
I have two ironing boards - both vintage/antique.
The covers on both were in dire condition.
The larger board, I use for shirts and household ironing.
The smaller board, I like by my quilting 
for pressing blocks and quilt pieces.
I figured I would make a new cover for the smaller one.
So I gathered some fabric and set out to work.
Well, I didn't feel like measuring and thought I could just wing it.
I thought wrong.
Cheater cheater Punkin eater - never pays.
In this case, it was too big so I went ahead 
and put it on the larger board.
It worked fine but then I still had the smaller board to cover.
Back at it but this time I measured like a good girl.
It looks more "wine" colored than it really is.
Both work great and it cleans up the room that much more
having a couple more pieces of fabric out of the stash
and not having ratty looking ironing boards around.
It's funny how something so simple can render a sense of accomplishment and pleasure in using it.

It's nice to move back indoors for the winter.
Our first flakes fell this morning.
Nothing sticking and I still had to go to work,
but enjoyable to see nonetheless.
By February we will be singing a different tune.
But for now~
the first snowfall is cause for celebration.
Keep well and warm dear friends. 


Thursday, November 3, 2022

It's About Today

 Have any of you noticed how the days are growing shorter?
Well, let me share.

As I type this, it is Halloween.
I suppose it is officially the Holiday Season.
While I very much enjoy the holidays,
each in their turn,
I enjoy each day for what it is.
The made up hoopla prior to each of these 
promoting early and excessive spending
isn't the part I appreciate.
I mentioned in my last post that we keep it
pretty simple as far as gifts go.
There were some wonderful comments.
(Thank you for each of those)
My thinker got stuck on that bit.
I wasn't sure why but seeing the Halloween costumes,
the Thanksgiving paper plates, and the Christmas dĂ©cor
all being presented for sale at the same time
might have had something to do with it.
Please don't get me wrong.
I like seeing little ones dressed up as puppies
 or superheroes or goblins.
I love the idea of giving thanks for our blessings
as we sit down to a feast with our loved ones.
And I very much appreciate celebrating
the birth of our Savior.

Each of these is really a celebration of the heart.
We can enjoy each day just as much
as the day set on the calendar telling us to do so.
I think everyday last week was
"Look at the jewel-coloured leaves day."
Today is "Blessings falling in drops from Heaven day."
Tomorrow is looking like another of those.
We've not had real rain for quite a while so it's much needed.
It's cool and blustery
so tomorrow might be a "Yummy bowl of hot soup day" also.
I'm not saying all this simply to be a PollyAnna.
It's to be a rebel of sorts.
You already knew I was a rebel though right?
We don't need to be told when or how to celebrate.
We can do our own thing.
I had a friend in college who's family 
went skiing for Easter each year instead of looking for eggs.
They were actually very involved in their church,
so this surprised me, but it's what their family did.
It's the perfect example.
They didn't do what others did or expected.
They were/are a wonderful family and did their own thing.
We can each do that.
Go ahead and celebrate the day you are given
since we aren't guaranteed a tomorrow.
How you celebrate is entirely up to you.
Have a cup of the good coffee or tea.
Allow yourself an extra 10 minutes to read in a favorite book.
Go for a walk around the block.
Or just look out the window and appreciate the beauty.
The celebration can be internal, 
in your heart.
Perspective is a wonderful thing.
Well, being a rebel is sorta fun too.

Happy, Merry, Jolly Today
(and tomorrow too).