Thursday, November 3, 2022

It's About Today

 Have any of you noticed how the days are growing shorter?
Well, let me share.

As I type this, it is Halloween.
I suppose it is officially the Holiday Season.
While I very much enjoy the holidays,
each in their turn,
I enjoy each day for what it is.
The made up hoopla prior to each of these 
promoting early and excessive spending
isn't the part I appreciate.
I mentioned in my last post that we keep it
pretty simple as far as gifts go.
There were some wonderful comments.
(Thank you for each of those)
My thinker got stuck on that bit.
I wasn't sure why but seeing the Halloween costumes,
the Thanksgiving paper plates, and the Christmas décor
all being presented for sale at the same time
might have had something to do with it.
Please don't get me wrong.
I like seeing little ones dressed up as puppies
 or superheroes or goblins.
I love the idea of giving thanks for our blessings
as we sit down to a feast with our loved ones.
And I very much appreciate celebrating
the birth of our Savior.

Each of these is really a celebration of the heart.
We can enjoy each day just as much
as the day set on the calendar telling us to do so.
I think everyday last week was
"Look at the jewel-coloured leaves day."
Today is "Blessings falling in drops from Heaven day."
Tomorrow is looking like another of those.
We've not had real rain for quite a while so it's much needed.
It's cool and blustery
so tomorrow might be a "Yummy bowl of hot soup day" also.
I'm not saying all this simply to be a PollyAnna.
It's to be a rebel of sorts.
You already knew I was a rebel though right?
We don't need to be told when or how to celebrate.
We can do our own thing.
I had a friend in college who's family 
went skiing for Easter each year instead of looking for eggs.
They were actually very involved in their church,
so this surprised me, but it's what their family did.
It's the perfect example.
They didn't do what others did or expected.
They were/are a wonderful family and did their own thing.
We can each do that.
Go ahead and celebrate the day you are given
since we aren't guaranteed a tomorrow.
How you celebrate is entirely up to you.
Have a cup of the good coffee or tea.
Allow yourself an extra 10 minutes to read in a favorite book.
Go for a walk around the block.
Or just look out the window and appreciate the beauty.
The celebration can be internal, 
in your heart.
Perspective is a wonderful thing.
Well, being a rebel is sorta fun too.

Happy, Merry, Jolly Today
(and tomorrow too).


  1. Oh my goodness, I don't like being the first to comment but let me tell you, I love and appreciate what you have written. I want to print it and hand it on my refrigerator. Your words are beautiful. And that picture of the colored leaves takes my breath away! And my post was all oohing and ahhing (are these words?) about our pretty leaves.:) Thank you for this post.

  2. This is by far my favorite time of year, it swishes by so quickly. I try as I might to put blinders on but every year the holidays start earlier and earlier and we are never in the moment but always pushed to the next moment. We keep things simple here as well, and I will not be rushed. By the time Christmas arrives the valentines day things will be out. To commercialized. I slow down, move my hook, and stay in my world where things are simple, and don't follow the sheeple. That is a rabbit hole.

  3. Just came in from blowing my gold and orange leaves into the woods, lol. They're pretty but a lot of work. I know they decompose to make more dirt and that's the good part. But don't like the leaves on my driveway hiding nuts and gumballs which might throw off my balance walking or on my bike. Therefore more work for me.
    I didn't get any trick or treaters since I live in the woods.

  4. Yes...so true. Too commercial, too rushed, too looking ahead to the next "big" thing. Enjoy the moment we are in...these days fly by...don't miss it.

  5. I had a bear come on my land for Halloween. I was glad that there weren't any trick or treaters with their bags of candy. Fall is such a beautiful time of year. That photo is gorgeous! Some of the trees up here in the mountains are fiery red and orange...

  6. I love this post. Henny wants to hang it on her refrigerator and I want to include parts of it in today’s journal entry. How wonderful it would be to name each day of the year. Yay for rebels!

  7. Traditions change too we use to dress up and trick or treat with our daughter and our grand, but both are grown now, and I am sad for the loss of the time with them but so grateful for the time we had together at that time. Fall is my favorite nowhere near long enough. And yes, celebrate any holiday the way you want that makes you happy.

  8. Lady Locust - Such a thoughtful post. Last month I had also pondered this, mostly complaining about the fact that commercial society has essentially concatenated Autumn/Halloween/Thanksgiving/Christmas and tied it off with a Pumpkin Spice bowl. The Autumn season is so rich with different holidays and seasons and moods: we start September still perhaps in the last throes of Summer and by the end of October find ourselves at the cusp of (or in) Winter. These are the sort of days I like to savor the most: to me unlike Summer (which is mostly just hot and the same every day), there is still a wild variety of day types and holidays to spend with family, friends, or by ourselves.

  9. That is why I enjoy your blog so much. Life was meant to be enjoyed and appreciated.

  10. Such a heart warming post! So many traditions and holiday experiences have changed with the growing up of our children and they are scattered over the miles and then with the passing of loved ones. But with each holiday , we still make something special of it.

  11. Everyone do their own thing! Yessssss!