Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Harvest Season

I just have to share with you folks.
This is crazy.
This is zone 7.
When we moved here, the lavender was already planted.
It was actually the only planting.
No biggy.  I've had lavender plants.
There was lots of space between, and it was on the right side of the building
so I decided to plant the tomatoes in between the lavenders.
Weellll, evidently things grow a little larger in zone 7.
I keep saying "zone 7" as a reminder to myself.
I can't believe how big the lavender is.
And I can't believe the tomatoes!!!
Not only are the vines ginormous, but they are absolutely loaded.
They're turning.
They're on.
Hot diggity!
I pruned out about 1-2 plants worth of vines and they are still wild.
Needless to say, I am having to learn how to garden in zone 7.
Life is like that sometimes.
Just when we think we've got something down pat,

In the mean time, I am canning tomatoes and tomato sauce 
on a regular basis.

In another corner of the summer kitchen~
A few weeks ago, I ran across this apple corer/slicer at a thrift shop.
I am hoping it doesn't have to peel them.
We like the peels on.
I think I can adjust it for that.
I'll soon find out.
It appears to be vintage so of course 
will probably last me to the end of my days.
I hope somebody at that point in time will appreciate these old things.
We got a couple boxes of apple yesterday so 
as soon as my tomato skins are off the dehydrator,
I will get some apples sprinkled with cinnamon going.
I will probably make a small batch of applesauce 
and maybe some cider for Mr. LB.

The trees are all in full production up the mountain.
I made a batch of pink plum jelly that is just beautiful.
Hubby has been eating fresh blackberries on his homemade ice cream.

The regular purple plums should be ripe by this upcoming holiday weekend.
And the pears are right there with them.

In the meantime,
the summer kitchen is a disaster!

In addition to preserving the harvest,
we are planning a yard/estate sale for the weekend after Labor Day.
We are finally nearly finished moving - bahahaha.
It's only taken us 8 months.
After 18 years in the same place,
the "going through" of everything takes a little time.
I am looking forward to the huge bulk that sits both in our garage
and the summer kitchen to be gone.

Then hopefully, we can settle into winter with a full pantry,
clean storage areas, and peaceful minds.
There will be a time for resting,
but right now, as the saying goes~
we are making hay while the sun is shining.