Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Harvest Season

I just have to share with you folks.
This is crazy.
This is zone 7.
When we moved here, the lavender was already planted.
It was actually the only planting.
No biggy.  I've had lavender plants.
There was lots of space between, and it was on the right side of the building
so I decided to plant the tomatoes in between the lavenders.
Weellll, evidently things grow a little larger in zone 7.
I keep saying "zone 7" as a reminder to myself.
I can't believe how big the lavender is.
And I can't believe the tomatoes!!!
Not only are the vines ginormous, but they are absolutely loaded.
They're turning.
They're on.
Hot diggity!
I pruned out about 1-2 plants worth of vines and they are still wild.
Needless to say, I am having to learn how to garden in zone 7.
Life is like that sometimes.
Just when we think we've got something down pat,

In the mean time, I am canning tomatoes and tomato sauce 
on a regular basis.

In another corner of the summer kitchen~
A few weeks ago, I ran across this apple corer/slicer at a thrift shop.
I am hoping it doesn't have to peel them.
We like the peels on.
I think I can adjust it for that.
I'll soon find out.
It appears to be vintage so of course 
will probably last me to the end of my days.
I hope somebody at that point in time will appreciate these old things.
We got a couple boxes of apple yesterday so 
as soon as my tomato skins are off the dehydrator,
I will get some apples sprinkled with cinnamon going.
I will probably make a small batch of applesauce 
and maybe some cider for Mr. LB.

The trees are all in full production up the mountain.
I made a batch of pink plum jelly that is just beautiful.
Hubby has been eating fresh blackberries on his homemade ice cream.

The regular purple plums should be ripe by this upcoming holiday weekend.
And the pears are right there with them.

In the meantime,
the summer kitchen is a disaster!

In addition to preserving the harvest,
we are planning a yard/estate sale for the weekend after Labor Day.
We are finally nearly finished moving - bahahaha.
It's only taken us 8 months.
After 18 years in the same place,
the "going through" of everything takes a little time.
I am looking forward to the huge bulk that sits both in our garage
and the summer kitchen to be gone.

Then hopefully, we can settle into winter with a full pantry,
clean storage areas, and peaceful minds.
There will be a time for resting,
but right now, as the saying goes~
we are making hay while the sun is shining.


  1. Your Zone 7 plantings are still going strong while ours, also Zone 7, are just about done for this year. I actually think, with abundant rainfall this year, if we had planted again in late June we could have had another full crop. To settle into winter with a full pantry, clean storage areas, and a peaceful mind sounds mighty fine to me! And, so does fresh blackberries on homemade ice cream! :~)

  2. You are one thrifty and hearty woman. You must be an old soul from the frontier times. I LOVE tomatoes in any form and LOVE lavender.

  3. wow you will have lots to keep you nice and full this coming winter. We are between zone 5 and 4 we do not do as well as you have but still was able to freeze some things for this winter.

  4. What a "crazy" wonderful circumstance! Your tomatoes have me writhing and pea-green with envy. It's been ages since I saw vines that lush. Our amendments are waning, I think. (For the most part our soil is only fit for making clay pots.)

    Love the peeler/slicer find. Did you say yarn/estate sale? OH. MY. WORD. We, too, are preparing for the granddaddy of a sale, and it's trying to kill us. LOL

  5. Zone 7 must be wonderful!!!!!! Such success! What tomato plants!

    Well, next year, you will know how to plan. :-)


  6. Zone 7, that sounds heavenly. So many things you can grow. It appears that you have a good start on filling the pantry. Your new peeler is a keeper. Peace of mind is the best thing.

  7. You sound wonderful and upbeat. I love your descriptions. The tomatoes look amazing. Such a green thumb you have...

  8. I couldn't imagine living in a zone 7! I'm 3 if it is a good year. It looks like a wonderful experience.

  9. Wow! You have a nice harvest. Like Stephenie said you have an amazing green thumb. :)

  10. When I lived in Virginia, the saying was “It’s heaven in zone seven”. I think they are right!

  11. Those are beautiful tomatoes! Good work. :)

  12. Look at those tomatoes! Amazing!

    Great find on the apple peeler. I have one almost just like it, except mine has a suction bottom. I think you could slice without peeling. Just move the peeling blade away.

  13. Pink plum jelly!!! I want that recipe girly, that sounds about as divine as can be. I love that you call it a summer kitchen. Isn't that a difficult task, the cleaning out of stuff? I have a dumpster coming this weekend and the salvation army tomorrow morning. God works in mysterious ways. I say that because of all the things that my dear beloved gardener wanted to hold on to, has now decided it's not worth the room on our moving truck. Thank the heavens above. {heh} I am astonished with that amount of tomatoes! The jars of sauce make me weak at the knees, it's so lovely. Muawhhh... Raquelxxx

  14. Wow....look at those tomatoes....they look yummy. Last yr I had hardly any so this yr I just did not plant any. Love my lavender plants.

  15. Sept. 14th

    You cut out grains and sugar! Have never been able to fully cut out sugar. :-) Sigh And I know, I ingest too much of that.

    With the Gluten products, my body prevents me from consuming them, so it's no problem. :-) But by now, there are many fine G/F products available, and so easy to consume. This, will be the real test, of my weight loss issue.

    Courage! :-)


  16. Sept. 16th

    Re: your comment in my blog.......Did you win????

    Regardless, love your fun story for Fri. the 13th!!!!!


  17. What a beautiful harvest! You have so many tomatoes, it's crazy! How do you make your sauce? I made it once but it wasn't so good seasoned..I have to work it out. This year I planted so many 'red pear' tomatoes from https://gardenseedsmarket.com/tall-tomato-red-pear.html . They don't taste like pear but they kind of look like it! Have you heard about this variety? I see that you have also cherry tomatoes which I love. They are cute and taste so good!