Wednesday, April 20, 2022

Tools Are For Using

 Have you ever had something occur
multiple times within a relatively short period of time
so much so that you took notice?
Well, over the past couple weeks, 
there has been a trend that actually irks me a little
(or a lot but I'm being nice here.)
I had a birthday recently and the day of my birthday,
Hubby took me to a Vintage Peddlers event
and a couple estate sales.
This was nice on multiple accounts.
First, everyone seemed so happy to be back "out."
These were the first of such events in two years.
So many smiles that are no longer hidden.
It felt good to hear clearly and see those smiles.
Secondly, I did find a couple goodies.
I've been on a book fetish for about the past month
and found 4 or 5 new to me books.
"Household Manual" is C. 1874 and lists opium 
as a treatment for various ailments.  
It's intriguing, but I probably won't use that advice.
I also found a new piece of cast iron that intrigued me.
It's a Scotch pot so has a rounded bottom.

I use cast iron almost every day so it's not like it won't get used.
The rounded bottom is for porridge and broth and
things that have to be stirred constantly so they don't scorch.
While researching this, I came across a beautiful old cauldron
that was advertised as having holes already drilled in the bottom
so it was ready for planting.
They ruined it!  Blasphemy!
I already have a cauldron and have used it a couple times.
I love it and consider it a very valuable tool.

Another thing I found extremely reasonably
was this cultivator.
Never mind the feline photo bomb.
The metal is in surprisingly good condition.
As I told the lady I wanted it and was paying for it,
she said it will look lovely in a flower garden.
I minded myself and thanked her nicely.
It has a purpose!
It is actually an adjustable dual cultivator.
I've ordered new handles and will condition the metal 
when I replace the handles. 
After that, I will use it in the garden. 
It is such that I can weed on either side of a row with one pass.
Then lastly, I found a couple little old iron trivets.
I washed them and want to put little tabs on the feet prior to using them, but this is the kicker.
My own mom ~
Oh those are cute.  Are you going to hang them on the wall?
When I answered rather like a crazy woman
that they were a tool not an ornament,
and why do people want to use tools as decorations,
and maybe more people should be working and using tools
rather than decorating things.
She laughed at/with me.
(I was not mad, just in a comical rant.)

It has made me think though.
Maybe this really is part of what is wrong with today.
I am aware there are many blessings in every day.
Please don't think I am not thankful for them.
Even the above scenarios,
I am thankful they were brought to light.
Maybe, just maybe, we tend to see others
for their decorative qualities rather than their real purpose.
If we can get past the goofy hair style
or the old fashioned clothes or the way they speak,
maybe we can see the real purpose
of them as a person.
I am as guilty as the next person.
I am not into colored hair or trendy fashions
so tend to think a certain way about those who choose such.
It's no more right of me to think my way
than it would be for them to think whatever they might of me
with my silver strands standing among the others
 just like they belong there and my work clothes that even 
when clean have stains and occasional frays.
If we can put our biases on hold for a moment or two and listen to what others say or to what kindness they might mean
then we might at least get a glimpse of them as a person.
We don't have to like everybody.
With all honesty, we most certainly won't like everybody.
That's okay.
It would however, be nice if we didn't automatically
peg them to a wall, drill them, or put them out.
We can treat them as we know we should.
Even if we don't have use for their purpose,
someone might come along who will give them a handle or two
and help them live to their purpose.