Saturday, July 28, 2018

Finding Home

I've been thinking of Christmas lately.  
I know, weird.  
But do you remember the feeling of Christmas, being home, 
and that feeling that was just as present as another being.  
A comfort of sorts - in the smell of the cookies baking, or the sugary frosting, or the lights playing peek-a-boo from behind the boughs of the tree, 
or the simple prospect of a hug from a loved one.  
That feeling void of global turmoil, political correctness, or weight of expectations. 
 I've been craving that feeling like one craves a specific flavor.  
It's a certain kind of peace - not naivety or ignorance, but a knowledge that "it is well."  Whatever "it" is, there is peace in its wellness.  
So I've been trying to figure out how to satisfy that craving, and it's proving a challenging feat, but that's my quest at the moment.
Each of us has our own level of comfort and what we can handle before we go crazy.  
One of the things for me is having some form of order in our home.  
I'm not sure how, but paper clutter has been breeding like crazy.  
I have stacks to sort through.  
It's also canning season.  
I canned the first batch of green beans last week and just picked our first ripe tomato.  
I have set up a makeshift "summer kitchen" out in our shop so we don't heat up the house.  We've had a few weeks of triple-digit weather 
and aren't expecting a break until the middle of next week.  
That has created more shuffling of items and more 'stuff' to go through.  
I thought I'd gone through it all, but alas I was wrong.  
I've found two  more years of taxes that can be burned (when it cools down,) 
even more papers to go through - sort, file, pitch, 
and various things that are just the result of living in one place for nearly 20 years. 
My goal is functionality. 
 I think I've always been a function over fashion sort of person.  
How our home needs to function in order to meet our lifestyle changes over time 
so it needs to be altered or adapted to how we live.  
I used to can some jellies here and there but baked quite a bit.  
Now, I can a significant portion of our veggies and we eat very few grains/sweets.  
The equipment and supplies used for each is different.  
The kitchen still seems geared towards baking but there is a shift so in reality, 
it's not really convenient for baking or canning - go figure. 
 It's getting a going-through.  
Soap making supplies can go out to the summer kitchen 
as well as fiber dying materials and supplies.  
It's really a big rearranging of stuff.  
Buuuuuutt.... all of this rearranging kinda creates a chaotic scene 
which makes me walk with a bit of a twitch.
Our fruit trees, berry bushes and garden are loaded, 
and that produce needs tending or soon will.
With a full time job, a 'spare' job, and tending to our winter's food supply,
I feel like I'm running in mud.
With that, I've decided to take a couple months off from the blog and Etsy shoppe.  
I will still be 'here,' but it's such a busy time,  
I need to focus on home and family and try to make our home function 
for us rather than against us.  
I hope you will understand. 
 I will return the beginning of October as the leaves begin to fall ~ a beautiful time. 
I'm hoping to take this opportunity to update and clean up a few things
on the blog and in the shoppe as well as our home. 
I want to thank each of you reading this.  
I appreciate your time and your comments, and hope you have a superb summer.
I also hope you are able to find a relaxing spot to enjoy a cup of something cold
and appreciate the season we are in.

PS~ These pictures are just some of the produce growing in our yard/garden as of this morning.


  1. We'll miss you, but we'll be waiting.

  2. Hope you get everything done and also have time to relax, Lady Locust. Have a great summer.

  3. I'll sure miss you! I'm looking forward to reading your stuff in October---Many blessings, and have fun getting things re-done! :-) I need to do that too, and we just moved! ;-)

  4. Oh, what an incredible post! Your garden looks amazing. I will miss your blog, but wish you well. I know what you mean about living in a house for twenty years. I need to do some clearing and reorganizing, as well. Have fun. That swing looks lovely...

  5. Sometimes a break from blogging is just what's needed. Enjoy the rest of your summer!

  6. Grace to you.

  7. I surely will miss "our chats". I have learned so much from your centered common sense. Have a productive time off. Maudeen(not John)

  8. I hear you. You are doing the right thing. I hope you get a lot accomplished and find time to chill out in that swing. We will see you when the cold air blows you into your home.

  9. I absolutely love that last picture and the swing. I hope you will get to spend some time in it and relax. Thanks for sharing on To Grandma's House We Go!

  10. Hope you are ok and getting things in order. I understand how things get worse before they get better. Canning season is always so hetic. Enjoy your summer.

  11. I have been thinking this lately too - sometimes you need to take that step back and enjoy where you are at right now. Enjoy your summer! Thanks for sharing on Homestead Blog Hop :)

  12. I Just found your blog. I LOVE LOVE it :-) Thank you for sharing the photos...
    Blessings from

  13. Your garden is beautiful as always, dear girl. I have 3 boxes of pears in my kitchen right now, ready to cut and dry in the food dryer. I may even post about it on my blog! I need to do some of the same things you talk about here. hope your summer has been fabulous, as you are!