Thursday, October 11, 2018


Well Howdy folks~

I do hope you’ve had a fantastic summer.
We have recently built our first fire and received our first real rain since June.
They should be opening the forests, if they haven’t already, 
so we can go get firewood.
That’s something we usually like to do in spring, and we do have some 
but not enough to make it through the winter.
You are probably wondering what we’ve been up to these past few months
- or even if you aren’t wondering, I’m still gonna tell 'cause I'm ornery that way.
The garden did reasonably well this year in the way of green beans and tomatoes so canning those to help carry us through winter was a priority.
In addition to canning, the dehydrators have been busily humming along
with apricots, plums, strawberries, blackberries, and apples.
We’ve processed one bear so far (wouldn’t mind another.)
In addition to the meat, we rendered 1 gallon of incredibly delicious lard 
and for the first time bone broth.

Mr LB surprised me with this amazing cauldron.
I had been wanting one for some time. He’s such a sweetie!
We were able to process all of the bones in one go 
and ended up with several gallons (in quart and pint jars) of broth.
Aside from our jobs, that’s what has consumed most of our time.
About the plans and projects I alluded to in my last post,
well they are still in progress.
Believe it or not, I have been trying to work on them, 
but as often happens life gets in the way.
I’ve been blogging for ten years now and over that span, 
there have been many changes -
Both in myself and in the land of blogs.
Is it just me or did they used to be more personable?
Once I was about a month into the break,
(probably while chopping tomatoes- great thinks get thunk while chopping)
I realized I was no longer thinking of my life in the form of blog posts.
It was a refreshing realization.
We went out of town for a wedding and a visit to friends this past weekend, and
I think it was the first time I took pictures in two months.
Somewhere between boiling bear bones and slicing apples,
I decided to just take it easy in the way of blogging.
I will post occasionally but not on a regular basis.
As I do finalize some of the things I’m working on
(though turtle pace it may be)
I will be sharing them with you
It always makes me wonder when a blog just stops 
or doesn’t post for several months, if everything is okay at the other end.  
(Am I the only one who wonders such things?)
So I just wanted to let you know
that even if I don’t post regularly, I’m here.
Here working, here living, and here moving through the seasons.
I'm here.

As always, I love to hear from you 
so feel free to drop me a line and harass me a bit.


  1. Wish you lived a few thousand miles closer as I've got a lot of seasoned wood for the taking. And soon will have tree wood which will cure within the next year for the following season.
    I enjoy a break from blogging but then feel guilty. However, I'm not canning, boiling bear bones and the like. My time is spent hauling tree limbs deep into the woods to get them out of my yard.

  2. I can't tell if your iron pot is larger than mine or not. Mine has a folding handle, though, which I've never seen elsewhere. I don't know if it's original to to pot or was an afterthought made by a local blacksmith.

  3. I have enjoyed your blog, and will look forward to reading updates whenever they come. I think it's very generous to share your life with with your readers, and yes, I do wonder about my blogger "friends" when you are silent. Go and live life. Grace to you, Lady Locust.
    Patricia/ Fl/USA

  4. Oh Lucky you. Love the cauldron...

  5. I am glad you are enjoying life and keeping busy. I hope you don't stop blogging. I miss all my blogging friends that had stopped. Most have gone on to different social media. The type that takes less effort and thought. What ever you do I hope it goes well. I love your new cauldron. Where does the bear come from? Is it one that strolls through your garden? Interesting. I have never eaten bear. Cheers.

  6. Welcome back Lady Locust! I'm so glad to see a new post from you.
    You've been busy. :)

  7. good to see you are blogging, have to own up to not doing so since august 2017 and still not motivated to do so but at least have read your blog today

  8. What a find! Tallow makes wonderful soap, too. I have never had bear meat. I'm impressed. Your life is so interesting. Thanks for posting. I still find the blogs I read to be very enjoyable.

  9. Beautiful cauldron! Sounds like you've been having a relaxing time simply enjoying living! :-) Funny thing you say "thinking of life in blog posts"...that's a great way to say it! I went through the same thing....and now I'm more of the "simply living" stage...and post when the mood strikes. I still enjoy reading blogs ( alot)....but, kind of ran out of steam when it comes to updating my own blog. lol! I was just recently reading about lard.....and that it is actually healthier for you than butter, margarine or crisco! It's funny how some foods will kill you one day....and then turn around and make you healthy the next? lol! And, lard makes the BEST pie crusts! :-)

  10. Love that cabin and that cauldron is AWESOME...nice find.

  11. I'm doing well too and I'm so glad you are. I've been blogging for gosh... maybe 12 years, but got rid of one blog and started another (Pretty sure you knew that ;) ) I've been so darn busy that I just haven't had a chance to post much. Although, John did say something about it, so I guess I'd better get to it. Not too much to do in the winter anyway ;)

    Congratulations on the cauldron! I made bone broth for the first time this year and it was much easier than I thought. Still haven't started canning though. I keep saying I'll do it, but I've wussed out lol


  12. I bet that make broth making so much simpler! My husband is the same as yours, always finding those odd things that make me happy. I do miss your posts.

  13. I love that you still blog. I look forward to blogs and reading what my distant friends are up to, and just living is fine and dandy with me. I am finally off of social media except for a personal fb page and I feel it’s a much better choice for me. Not many people are personal anymore on blogs, but that’s the sheer reason I want to stay that way. In my opinion, an impersonal blog isn’t something that I’m attracted to because I don’t feel a personal connection with the writer. I can spot it straight away too. I’m afraid many souls are abandoning a terrific blogging life for an app such as Instagram. I felt myself drifting and put a pin in that straightaway. I love you and hope all is well. I love your blog...