Sunday, November 4, 2018

Elk Season 2018

Yesterday was opening day.
Isn't it peculiar how we can be surrounded by people
and feel all alone?
Or be here and feel complete.

(No elk yet.)


  1. What a gorgeous scene! Nature is very healing and comforting. I love that photo. Thanks for sharing.

  2. In your area I would be a little frightened with people out trying to shoot elk. This is a gorgeous area. I can see why you are there.

  3. I think elk hunting is the most enjoyable hunt there is. Especially at 4:00am when the bulls are bugling. Too late for that, but you can see some amazing things sitting out in the woods.

  4. I'd rather be there! Hope the elk are just what you hope for.

  5. Beautiful! There was a huge hue and cry here quite recently when an elk escaped from a farm south of here. It ended up in this area where farmers were feeding it in an attempt to keep it close until the farmer could retrieve it. Unfortunately the Ministry of Natural Resources deemed it a 'menace to people' and killed it. Totally unnecessary and there was a big public backlash over it. Elk are not native to where we live.

  6. Not peculiar at all. I often feel alone around others. The voices in my head are enough company lol