Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Cost = Free ~ Part II

The other thing I found recently was this amazing table and chairs.
(This is the picture from the ad that I responded to.)
The folks had just moved and it didn't fit in their new house so it had to go.
She said there were multiple calls between the time I called and made arrangements to pick it up 
and when I arrived.
The cool thing about the table is it has two leaves but no seam down the middle.
(Before I got the cabinet in.)

Our old table worked but was an old one my grandmother had 
that we gorilla glued back together multiple times.

The chairs were recently recovered and I love the color, but they must have changed them when they did so.
I think there should be a plywood form as well.
As is when you sit in the chair, you feel like you’re falling into a big toilet seat.
There is no support so you actually sink into the chair.
I need to pull one apart and make a pattern of sorts.
From there, I can do them one at a time just to make sure one size fits all.
In addition to not having much time lately, 
I haven’t been super excited to get to this,
because it involves pulling staples.
If you’ve never pulled staples on this sort of thing,
Come on over - I’ll learn ya how 😉
It will be nice to have them done, and I do have plywood for the job,
Now it’s just that time thing.  


  1. Those are gorgeous! I love your curtains, too.

    1. Thank you Stephanie. The curtains were actually a tablecloth that I cut in half 😊

  2. You certainly are a lucky one!

  3. OOooo, what a handsome table and chairs. You are lucky to such a find.

  4. My daughter got that same table at a yard sale several years ago for 10.00 she stripped it and stained it gray top and painted it white on the bottom to fit her home I have to say it is a great table.

  5. thats an amazing table! I love the leaf system,, I just popped by from Notforgotten farm and have joined as a follower to read your past posts and follow your journey!