Thursday, September 10, 2020

Of Old Friends and New Tales

There is an old nursery rhyme or song that's come to mind lately.

It's rather short, kinda like Row Your Boat.

It goes~

Make new friends

but keep the old.

One is silver

and the other's gold. 

There are many quotes and sayings

advocating the importance of friends.

And I would venture to say, 

not one of them is an exaggeration.

We need friends no matter who we are or what our character.

I view myself as an introvert,

but I've been told by several employers in particular

how easily I speak with clients.

The thing is, I don't have problems talking.

(Just ask any of my grade school teachers:-)

It's the getting to know me bit that's a challenge

so my friends are real treasures to me.

There are those rare occurrences when you will meet someone,

and it's like you've known them all your life.

Those are the easiest and often the closest friendships.

There are also the friends that develop over time.

Those are nice in that there are typically few expectations

about what's ahead. 

They can become valuable in that each person knows

the habits and norms of the other person so they know well

just how to help or get along with the other person.

There are some "firey" friendships.

I'm not so sure those are real friendships.

And lastly,

there is a new kind of friendship.

Those found here online.

In a way, it's not really a new kind.

In years past, there were pen-pals that created friendships.

These friendships are a different kind of valuable

because there is no keeping up appearances.

There is no:

"I don't like going to the store with Jane because she wears too much perfume."


"She just walks so slow."


"I'm allergic to her cat."


Those things don't matter one iota if you aren't there with him/her.

(By the way, I actually like the name Jane and cats among other critters.

Too much perfume and slowly meandering through a grocery store

might get to me a little though.)

So what of these friends of different sorts?

What actually makes them important?

Well, you see~

humans are a herding animal.

I know there are some out there who don't take fondly to being called an animal

and others who take it as a compliment.

But we are creatures on this earth, and we were created with instincts.

Hubby and I were talking a while back, and he made the comment 

that he wasn't sure why but religious communities have lower crime rates.

The uncertainty was because people who are religious 

are just as likely to commit crimes from a statistics standpoint.

I said two words:

It's community.

He looked at me kinda sideways.

I continued~

Acceptance is what every person seeks deep down

 be it gang members or church members.

You follow the rules of what is acceptable in order to be accepted,

and you don't hurt your own.

If you break those rules, you are kicked out of the heard, gang, church,


That's where those friends come into play.

Our friends accept us.

They still love us even if we snort when we laugh,

even if we spill down the front of our shirt every time,

even if we aren't super stars,

even if . . . well, you get it.

Our friends accept us for who we are.

There has been quite a bit of discord in 2020.

Communities have been shattered.

Families have been separated.

Friendships have been strained.

These things are more important now than ever.

I guess the point of this post is just don't forget.

I know different areas have different mandates in effect,

but there are still things you can do.

Leave a bag of tomatoes hanging on the door knob of a neighbor

then call and let them know it's there.

(If you don't have any to spare, just let me know.  I have tons!)

Send a quick note or card to a friend or family member.

By all means hug your kids and grand-kids!

The risk of them feeling abandoned, unloved, or neglected

far outweighs that of a virus.

I worry about the unintended consequences 

of some of the things that are happening around us.

There are ways to make new friends also.

There is always someone who could use a friend.

Ask a pastor if there is an elder who can't get out much.

A phone call or dare I say even an old-fashioned letter

can go a long ways in brightening someones day.

Or, a couple other ideas:

a nursing home director - sorta adopt a grandparent

a childcare provider or family member with munchkins 

(kids love a phone call to them rather than to Dad or Mom)

Obviously, that one would need parental approval.

Teens!  They need reassurance as much as any 2 year old.

The last thing they need is to hibernate in their room for a year.

There might be someone who has a family member in hospice.

They are typically exhausted and could use a nicety.

I really think most of you are pretty kind and creative.

If you have more ideas,

please share in the comments.

So all of this to say,

remember to remember 💝


By the way, I'm one of those folks who loves to do those little 

random act of kindness.

They often cost very little, but can be very meaningful.

Okay, I'll stop (see told ya I could talk.)

I just want to encourage folks to be friendly.

Have a beautiful day.


  1. Googled the words and it appears to have been part of a song for children in camp, scouting or school environments.

    1. Maybe that's where I learned it, have known it since time began :-)

  2. What a wonderful post, Lady Locust. I heard a radio opinion the other day about how dehumanizing masks are because we no longer have a proper face. Most people will say they are necessary right now, which is why it is so important to be reminded that we must not lose our humanity! Thank you for reminding us of this. Thank you for reminding us of what it truly means to be human.

    1. Thank you Leigh. I have an elderly friend who said she's had more children come up and start talking to her in the past month than ever before. (She is grandmotherly and very kind anyways.) But she can't wear a mask and wondered if that was part of it.

  3. I couldn’t agree more... all this social distancing is causing some very disturbing feelings out there... you can feel the coldness as you are viewed as a potential viral threat by everyone in the crowd. We need to let our light shine more than ever and cultivate friendships and continue to love thy neighbor...

    1. Yes! "Love thy neighbor" I've said that more in the past few weeks than. . .

  4. Beautiful! Friends are so incredibly important! I love that little rhyme at the beginning of your post.


  5. Very poignant post. Yes we all want to be accepted and believe faith is a good base. When my son was growing up, as with kids and some young adults today, belonging and being accepted in doing wrong is scary. Thank GOD my son is grown and I'm not living in a big city where violence is the acceptable way.

    1. I can't imagine trying to raise children through this (mine are grown as well.)

  6. Very nice post. I sure agree with hugging your children and grandchildren. My sister said a while ago, I'm going to hug my children! If I get the virus and die then it was meant to be. (Her daughter was coming home for a visit and promised to not hug her mom and dad).

    1. I still don't know a soul who's had it let alone anyone who's died from it. When I see my kids (not often) they get hugs!!!

  7. I love those old photos! I just dropped off a bag of berries for my neighbor's flock of chickens. She's so nice...

  8. So are you! That's awesome and sweet~
    Family photos - the lower right in first photo is my G-parents:-)

  9. Hello Old Friend, what a lovely inspiring post. It is the little things that matter, it is the little things we will remember when the day is done. Thank you for reminding us.

    1. I'm so happy to "see" you. Little things add up for sure. Hope you are doing well :-)

  10. "Acceptance is what every person seeks deep down

    be it gang members or church members.

    You follow the rules of what is acceptable in order to be accepted,

    and you don't hurt your own.

    If you break those rules, you are kicked out of the heard, gang, church,


    This is really true and powerfully said here. Wow. Yes, that is it.

    I, too, have thought deeply about all this social distancing and what it is doing to us all. Not good. BUT God turns things to good. He will do so even with this.

    1. Thank you Sandi. And He sure does. I can hardly wait for big fluffy butterflies to be topic of conversation rather than such heavy topics.

  11. Sorry it took a while to post a couple of the comments. Evidently new blogger doesn't want to send me email notification of new comments like it use to. Will go back into settings - again. Probably the 3rd time now, oy!

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