Tuesday, November 10, 2020

Supporting Those Who Matter

 With all that is happening in our world,
it has perhaps escaped your attention,
but there are only 45 days left until Christmas!

I am actually looking forward to the holidays this year.
I'm not entirely sure why,
but some years are just different than others.
We don't go over the top with decorations,
and we don't spend a lot on gifts.
It's more about the feeling~
the merriness and closeness of family
and kindness of community.
That's where I'm really going with this.
(It really isn't to freak you out about shopping days left.) 😊
Regardless of your opinion on the larger situations,
we've been pushed to do more shopping online.
There are a couple of very important things that happen
when this sort of purchase occurs.
The first is easily seen, and you may or may not care,
but everything you purchase is tracked.
There is a part of me that really doesn't care 
if the big-wigs know that I bought a package of quilting needles,
but there is a morsel within me that is rather creeped-out by it.
Thing two is that the communal connection that typically happens
between a merchant and customer is severed.
It's not impossible,
but how many times have you avoided a shop 
because "they are rude in there" 
or you purposely try a store first because they are so nice and helpful?

This year more then ever,
small businesses and independent craftsmen & women
need your support.
As I stated above, we don't do a lot of shopping,
but I have made a special effort this year
even with my online purchases to support "little folks."
Most of the events that usually take place before Christmas
have been canceled this year.
I know from years past that many of those vendors
rely on that "extra" income.
If you already know area craftsmen that you like to support,
you might reach out and ask if they have any inventory on hand.
My guess is they do.
If you are on social media and can ask for area vendors
to post a couple pictures of their wares,
even if you don't purchase the items,
others will see and possibly lead to a sale.  
This exhibits a kindness and caring on your part
and gratitude on their part
which strengthens your community.
Community is so important!
It's something that has taken a huge hit this year.
Neighbors are being pitted against one another,
and barriers raised both internally and externally.
If we each do our part,
even from a distance, 
our neighbors and community will know we care.
And that we care
is what is most important.
Especially as we near Christmas~
the day we celebrate because He cared enough to send His son.

Merry blessings to you all.

PS~ If you are an independent craftsperson,
I'd like to invite you to leave a way to reach you
in the comments.
For security sake, please leave a search name
so people can find you rather than a link.



  1. What a beautiful photo! I recently bought a few dresses at our local Mercantile here in the mountains. They have such pretty things.

  2. Beautiful sentiments about community.... I can’t agree more... I think we could use a dose of social-closenessing ♥️🙏

  3. Thank you for stopping by my blog and commenting about the avocados. I am so happy to find your blog and this inspiring post. I agree that this year more than ever it is important that we support our local businesses who are really hurting.

    1. I kinda think the unintended consequences might be worse than the illness :-(

  4. It really is "odd" to say the least. I'm guess I'm just trying to help where I can.

  5. What a great post! We truly do need to support our local (and even not-so-local) small businesses and particularly during these times. The provincial government here is wrestling with the decision over whether to enact further stay-at-home measures to protect us from the increasing Covid numbers or try to stay the course to hopefully allow the small businesses to continue to hang on. Many of them are just managing to stay afloat after the last closures and having to close again will spell the end. It's difficult no matter what happens. Christmas this year will be so different for everyone but it's to be hoped that people will agree with the need to keep our distance.
    As for the number of days til Christmas - this year, for the first time in my life, I am almost done already. That's only because the post office is pleading with people to mail early.
    I do try to sell my landscapes on my blog but it's a hard go. People tell me I should put them in galleries but the cost for that is prohibitive I've found...not only to enter the work, but also the commissions they take off the top. I'm not complaining because I know they have to make a living too.

  6. Love your post and yes, everyone needs support at this difficult time. We have a quiet Christmas, especially now that our children are grown. We love the music, the food and the family and friend gatherings. Gifts are not important. Wishing you a blessed Thanksgiving!

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  8. I agree with everything you said. September 11th I was so proud of our country's teamwork. Now I'm embarrassed. I plan on shopping local. I also plan on wearing a mask, because I want to keep my community safe. Happy Thanksgiving and Merry Christmas!

  9. Just stopped by to say hello. How true your words of your post are! Yes, in not time, Christmas day will be here. I love hearing the happy music when I walk into a store! LOL

  10. How the heck did I miss this blog post? Really ~ I have your link on my blog's side bar so must have been in a coma or so focused on something else that I had tunnel vision. OH!!!! I was at rug camp, now that explains it.
    Anyway, I'm right there with you with the mom and pop stores, restaurants and other businesses having to shut down and its a shame. There are only 3 people to whom I give gifts; my grandson, son and sweet DIL. Each will receive something small and useful but this year all will get money since that seems to be what they each need this year. That way they can buy what they want for themselves during post holiday sales or use it for bills. Must say I'll be happy to move out of 2020 and pray next year will be better.