Thursday, September 26, 2013

Critters ! Geesh !

It has been a little while since I last posted.
I would like to take this time
to blame it on Mother Nature
and her beasts.
For the past 6? nights we have been awaken
by our canine alarm system sometime
between midnight and 3AM.
He is only about 10 months old, but
he has a big dog bark.
The first couple nights,
we told him to be quiet after
seeing that there was 'nothing there.'
Well, about night 2 or 3,
Mr. LB went out to take a look
and saw 2 raccoons.
The next day we borrowed
the neighbor's live trap.
That night we caught one,
and the little Seam-Ripper (Rip for short)
had the other 4 (yep, that's 5 all together) treed.
The following two nights,
we caught a big boar that the
cage would not contain.
Then we caught one more before
the neighbor said he needed the trap back
because his brother had a pack rat.
So finally, last night, we thought we just might
get some sleep - HA!
As we were getting ready to go to bed,
that trusty alarm went off.
Mr. LB went out and thought
he would see another raccoon.
On the lowest limb of the poor innocent tree (shown above)
that has now served as a fort to a number
of wild critters, was a bear.
It was only about a two year old so 
not as big as many we see.
These trees are right behind the house, mind you.
We called the neighbor knowing he has a tag to fill.
He's holding out for a bigger one.
Being exhausted from being awake for however
many nights now,
we decided to leave it and go to bed.
You can see the claw marks in the bark.
I don't have pictures of the raccoons or the bear,
because it was night time,
and I just wanted to sleep.
(Ignore the fur covered basket ball rolling around trying to get your attention:)
I will try to post something more exciting-
wait, maybe less exciting and something
a little more on the normal side, soon.
Maybe we will get to sleep through the night tonight.

Until then,
Nimble Fingers and Even Stitches


  1. More exiting? I'd call a bear in the back yard at LEAST mildly stimulating!

  2. interesting reading about your night visitors, must be a bore having your sleep disturbed by so many critters do you have a sleep during the day to catch up whilst your unwanted visitors are sleeping too? here it is more likely to be people who have had too much alcohol though that does not ahappen so much now so many pubs have had to close due to the recession.

  3. The raccon and barking would be enough for me, forget the BEAR!!

  4. LOL, in a very sympathetic, "Aw, poor Joey!" kind of way....
    What a drag!!!
    You'd better take a sleeping pill tonight, maybe that would help!
    And it sound like TOO MUCH excitement to me as well. We have coyotes and skunks and dear occasionally, lots of stray dogs and tom cats that come to "play" loudly with our cats at night sometimes. But, thankfully no bears! good luck to you!
    Oh, I will be at a barn show in Moses Lake, 3 hours from you, not so fun, and I will be a Bdger Mountain Elementary School Bazaar the first Saturday in December, with cider and vintage style goodies! It ould be great to see you there! Let me know when a fun something or other is happening in your neck of the woods, i really would love to come see some of your things!
    Hugs to your heart,

  5. Wow! How exciting to have so many critters near you! I live in the middle of the city but we have our very own fat raccoon. Recently his favorite thing has been digging holes in the backyard! Grrrr!

  6. Great stuff! how exciting to have a bear in the garden. Deer are about as wild as it gets around here.

  7. Too funny! Rip has some serious guts! Hope you're all getting some sleep finally. :)

  8. Wow, exciting! That Rip has some serious guts! Hope you're finally getting some zzzzzzzz's!