Monday, June 16, 2014


John Wayne said something to the effect:
Everything out there will sting ya, stab ya, or bite ya.

For that reason,
it has become habit over the years
to pick up a pair of gloves on the way out the door.
(this is when they were still in good condition)
Here in-lies a little complaint I have.
Women's gloves.
My last pair became quite religious (holy.)  
Most stores I went to had only rubber or fabric ladies gloves.
I finally found a pair of leather gloves at one store.
I bought them as they were the only leather ones I found.
Yes, brilliant orange.
I shouldn't loose them anyways.
Do they think women only pick flowers and protect manicures?
Maybe I should be a little more grateful
and get a manicure, eat some bonbons, and fan myself all day.
Sorry for the sarcasm.

I have worn my new gloves once (for more than a minute)
and my hands were stained orange for the rest of the day.

Men's gloves are normal, no funky colors, just huge.
Blackberries and barbed wire go right through fabric gloves.
I'm thinking there are a few glove designers 
who need to learn what work is.

Until next time,
Nimble Fingers and Even Stitches


  1. Here in country Australia we don't seem to have that problem ,in fact its the opposite ,hard to get fabric
    or rubber gloves.So I'm wondering what that says about us aussie country gals.

    1. Now that's just crazy. Maybe it's one of those grass is greener things.

  2. Replies
    1. I'll have to let you know - we can't find out what tags we drew until the 20th:) If unsuccessful than they are just work gloves.

  3. So true! After many "holy women's" gloves, my husband gave me his extra pair of leather ones a few months back and I love them and use them all the time! Pruning roses and raspberry canes have never been better! No callouses when push mowing our large lawn either! Your posts always make me smile :)

  4. Try the tractor supply store. I find leather gloves for women for around $20. and sometimes you can find them at lowes.

  5. It is hard to find, but I do find them. If I see them I buy, because who knows how long it will take to find some again!