Monday, July 13, 2015

Sister's Outdoor Quilt Show

This was a first for me.
The Sister's Outdoor Quilt Show.
My mom and S-I-L had both been before, but not me.
I knew it was a 'big deal,'
but had no idea.

We heard that they had a crew that could have all the quilts
down in 10 min. if the weather should turn.
I found that amazing.

There were so many along such a span of streets,
we could have walked all day and not seen them all.

It was a fun day.  
We left about lunch time and headed down to LaPine
to Homestead Quilts which was wonderful.
The other fun bit about this weekend was that I got to meet
a fellow blogger.
Anne over at Cottons and Wools stated that she would be
working at Sew Many Quilts in Bend.
We stopped in, and I was able to meet her.
She was a delight. 
They were busy of course so didn't really chat,
but that was the first person from Bloggerville
that I've met.
I'm sure there will be a lot online today about the show.
They bring in bus loads (yes really by the bus load) of people
to this show.
I'm not much of a large crowd kinda gal so
I'm glad I went, but I'm also okay if I don't go again for a while.
If crowds don't bother you, you will love it.

Until next time,
Nimble Fingers and Even Stitches


  1. How fun to have attended! We were there early and I didn't feel like the crowds were bad at all this year.

  2. what a great way to display quilts, could not trust the weather to do it here.

  3. Amazing! All the time that went into making those beautiful quilts... What a treat to see them :)