Saturday, February 27, 2016

Depression Era Folks & Tools

For some reason old things just seem to find me.
It doesn't really matter if it's things or folks actually.
My friend Shirley used to say we were both born in the wrong century.
I told her we weren't, because if all those who said that
were born in whichever century they desired,
there would be nobody to appreciate that era today.
She just laughed and said she hadn't thought of that.
She passed away last March, and I still miss her dearly.
Though she, having lived through the depression,
appreciated even older and usually more decorative items (which I do as well,)
I appreciate the resourcefulness of those who lived, worked, 
and even found moments of joy during the depression.
Shown above: at top is a potato peeler, middle a pear corer, and at bottom a cherry pitter. 
I am particularly anxious to see if the cherry pitter works.
That chore is such a pain.
Weather it was farm implements or kitchen gadgets,
items seemed to be made to last from a construction standpoint,
they were user friendly, and served a valid purpose.

The other half of the Bob and Shirley duo was Bob.
He was born in 1920 and is the friend who shared some 
Depression Era Sustainable Ways with us which to date
is still my most popular post.
Bob passed away this month.
I feel like there is a huge hole within me and about me where they once were.
I don't mourn for them.
They each had a long and mostly happy life together~
married 72+ years!
I know he was ready to go join her in heaven. 
He said many times he thought God put him on this earth
 to take care of Shirley.
I do mourn my own selfish heart - wanting to keep them here with me.
Yes, I recognize my foolishness.
I know there was so much more knowledge they each had to share
if only I knew the questions to ask.
That's how it's supposed to be right?  
One generation passing their smarts on to the next in line.
I used to tell Shirley she was my wealth of knowledge and my most valuable resource.  She would tell me I was in trouble.
In so many ways they always will be with me, and my hope is
that someday I am able to be to someone else all that they have been to me.
(I am looking at some big shoes to fill.)
I have been pretty quiet in bloggerville as of late and
felt you all deserved to know why.
They had no living heirs so another long time friend and I
are trying to take care of things.
If you are new to this blog or if you just happened to miss them,
both of the links above share some wonderful wisdom you might enjoy.

I am beginning to sleep nights again, getting my feet back under me
and my head attached at top so hopefully I'll be back 
to posting a bit more regularly.
After all spring is almost upon us and
with it comes rebirth.
Let us see, appreciate, and make the most of it.


  1. love this post! I too pay attention and learn from older folks, I cannot absorb enough! My best friend is 93.

    1. Susan, thank you for the kind words. Do me a favor and give him/her a big hug and say thank you for simply being - we appreciate it:)

  2. so sad when we lose those dear to us, married 72 years wow that is amazing and now they are at peace together once again, it is so hard for those left behind.You and your friend must be reliving lots of memories whilst sorting out and taking care of things and though not a nice job I am sure you will be having some chuckles as you go through everything and remember the good old days.

  3. I'm so sorry you are missing your friends but glad they had such a long life together!

  4. I'm so sorry for the loss of your friends. It's always hard.

    For some reason I can't view their blog, but I'd really like too.