Tuesday, July 19, 2016

And With This Season Comes. . .

Well, this otta make your day.
We have had a couple of pretty busy weeks.
Mr. LB went to Alaska and made it back with his four king salmon,
and two halibut (yum!)
I told him he wasn't ever allowed to leave me that long again.
I missed him - especially with no cell phone service
for the majority of the trip.

We had 3 days of rain! In July!
We had more rain by 8:30AM the first morning than we had
all 3 summer months combined last year.
I am hoping that means fewer fires this summer.

Wednesday and Thursday evenings after work were spent setting up 
for our annual ice-cream social which was Friday night.
By this point Mr. LB had his post-airplane cold.
He held up pretty well though.
(There was ice-cream involved after all.)
We invite friends and neighbors for ice-cream,
they bring their favorite topping.
This year we ended up with everything from huckleberries,
to brownie crumbles, to rum sauce.
And sadly, I forgot to take the camera out with me.
So you'll just have to take my word for it that it was a lovely evening.

The following morning, I awoke early to pack and head over to
the Baker City Quilt Show.
I was to be at the folks' house at 8AM so Mom and I
could travel over together and meet my S-I-L there.
(She comes from a different direction.)
Part of the reason I had to wake so early was so I could stop
on the way to pick peas.
I did and made it to their house at 8:03,
put peas in their fridge, and we were off.

This was the first BCQS in two or three years.
It was so good to see the beautiful work and old friends.
Mr. LB texted while I was there to ask how it was.
I told him good of course, but that one dear gal
is now in a wheel chair and another passed last week.
Many of the members are aging, and
there don't seem to be younger members to carry on the art.
This is among the most talented group of quilters 
I have had the privilege of getting to know.
Their work is exquisite!
I find it sad that the knowledge and skill they have isn't
being passed on and appreciated.
Like so many other things, folks seem to want instant gratification
and don't want to spend the time it takes to produce
a true work of art.
The sweet ol' gal in the wheel chair is who taught me how to do
needle-turned aplique.

This morning, after eating and claiming quilts (Mom showed a few)
we parted and came home.
Once home, I got to work.
Within a short time, there were apricots on the dehydrator,
and I was shelling peas.
We ended up with 7 pints from that one bag.
You can read about how we can peas here.
As we were shelling the peas, a storm rolled through.
It brought marble sized hail.
Mr. LB was worried about it damaging the rigs and the fruit on the trees
but luckily all seems fine.

Hopefully, now we can get back to our "normal chaos"
rather than all of this sporadic stuff.
I don't think we have anything eventful going on for August.
It's canning season~
you didn't know there were really 5 seasons, did you?
So we will be hopping every evening.



  1. Don't get heat stroke with all that canning!

    1. Just finished shelling the last of them tonight, will can them tomorrow evening after work:)
      Luckily, we've had a few more summer showers though it's supposed to be mid 90's this weekend. Glad to get them done up now.

  2. how lovely to have so much fish come home with DH. Good that you got to the quilt neither my daughters or granddaughter show any interest.Glad the rains came, we are expecting thunder today as we had a hot day yesterday 30 degrees that is summer gone for this year

  3. Hail storms are the worst! We have winds and rain but when it's combined with hail, at least here, it means tornados! Glad everything was OK with you

  4. Sounds like you are having a busy and productive summer.

  5. I remember that 5th season very well...alas apartment life has put a stop to all the pickling I used to do. I rather miss it, but we simply can't eat enough to make it worth doing any more. Glad hubby had a successful fishing trip.

  6. I am so jealous. My friend lives in Baker City and I'm sure she was at the quilt show as we always went to quilt camps together. I am also in canning mode. Glad you got some rain. It has been dry here. I'm glad you are keeping busy. Thanks for sharing.

    1. What fun. We like Baker. It's an old town and usually not much happening, but lots of fun history.