Monday, April 17, 2017


Well Hello there~
Before we get soaked, let's go inside.
It's been raining the better part of two weeks,
even had a couple of snowy mornings.

Can I put the kettle on for you?
You should stand by the wood-stove to warm up and dry off a bit.
I'll be right there.

There we go.
Now, I wanted to show you something.
I began doing this years ago,
but you know how some things just kinda slip by 
until you have a project on your hands.
It's these buttons, you see.
I've always kept my buttons.
I know lots of folks say they're not worth keeping,
but I keep 'em.
Whenever I go to cut a shirt for rags or a quilt,
I take the buttons first.
I haven't bought buttons in years.
They come in handy.
Mr. LB is constantly loosing buttons.
I just go to my dish of ugly, man buttons and find one the right size.
That doesn't sound very nice, but that's what I call them.

I was recently pulling some shirts apart for a project and pulled these.

Then what I do is get safety pins and string the buttons on those.
If there are too many, I just use a second pin and hook them together.

Then certain colored buttons go in various jars.

When I need buttons for a project, I just go to the jars.
This is the part that's slipped.
I have buttons in the bottom of this little basket,

and that wooden box,

and a variety of little dishes sitting around.

And there are more yet in jars that are in need of sorting.

So now it's a project~
gather up all my buttons and put them to right.
I might need bigger jars.

Oh listen, the water's hot.
Why don't you pick which cup you want to use,
and we'll sit and chat.
By the way, how are you at sorting buttons?



  1. w-e-l-l......dare I say that I have fourteen large jars of buttons, plus a shoe box full and another smaller container besides. A gal can never have too many buttons, right??? As for how I store them....when my Dad (in his late 80's) was living with us it was a constant chore to find something for him to do to keep him feeling useful. One day I hit upon him colour sorting all my buttons, so he happily sat for days sorting them into colour families and then into the jars. Wish I had thought of the safety pin idea - that could have kept him going for weeks!

  2. I loved reading this post. Made me feel like I was right there. I love your button collection, and yes I would love to help you put them to rights. Take care, Guida.

  3. I would never have thought of putting buttons on safety pins such a good idea maybe I will sort mine, I have Grannie`s button box but must admit when I need a button can rarely fins what I want amongst them. The buttons gave both my girls hours of fun and also when Sal came along she loved to play with them too

  4. I love buttons to, and even have buttons from my grandmothers. I have a couple mason jars just full of buttons mixed up. Then I have some jars with coloured buttons separated out. When I was a child one of my favourite things was to look at all the buttons while my mother sewed...now my children do that. :)
    I hope you have a wonderful day! I've pulled out a flowered tea cup with matching saucer...I'd love some tea!

  5. I save my buttons too, but you've inspired me to actually organize them . Thank you for the tea ;)


  6. I too collect buttons from old clothes. But I'm not as organized as you are. I just put them in a glass jar. :)

  7. I also love buttons and tea. I will be right over!