Friday, July 7, 2017

Built to Last~ Another Odd Antique

Found this in a little pile destined to be buried.
I nabbed it for no particular reason than as a reminder~
When we can't find what we are after,
we can invent it.
I believe it would be used as a turner like tongs.
If you know otherwise, please let me know.
I love learning, and it's one more glimpse into the past.
It still functions just as it is supposed to.
I haven't even cleaned it/them up yet.
I'll give them a good scrubbing then a coat of beeswax 
and see how they look. 

Also, to see other such items,
just type "Built to Last" it the search field.


  1. I love antiques. As you say, they are built to last. The quality and craftsmanship is impressive.

  2. Looks like on the order of a Blacksmith Fire Cast Iron Fireplace Coal / Wood Stove Tool Claw

  3. found this which is similar: http://www.ebay.com/itm/ANTIQUE-VICTORIAN-FIREPLACE-COAL-OR-WOOD-TONGS-12-5-034-CAST-IRON-WELL-MADE-/252456572625

    1. Thank you! I will look it up. Ooh, aah, how interesting.

  4. It might also be used for getting something out of the bottom of a jar.

  5. what an interesting find, seems previous comments have pointed out what it is for. Will be good to see how it cleans up

  6. I was going to say coal tongs too, but it looks too short. I have some and they're much longer. Could be a black smith tool though.


  7. Wow, that is a very interesting old tool, I enjoyed reading the comments of those who might know what it is. I bet it will look amazing all cleaned up :)

  8. I have one! It was used during canning season to take the hot bell jar out of the boiling water. It seems that it should be a little more rounded on the sides, but the Jar would be "grabbed" by the Zinc lid and lifted.

  9. Our younger folks definitely have skill sets that some of the older guys like me didn't have the luxury of.
    They're definitely a technology generation.