Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Blazin' Trails - Watch Out 2020!

After 2019, I might need a nap!
It was a year of many changes for us.
The biggest change was moving from my home of 18yrs.
Then a few months later changing my job of 6 1/2 yrs.
Then all those adjustments that go with those two moves:
where the vinegar is in this grocery store,
what cupboard the tablecloths are in,
how do I do X at work?
There are so many things in a routine that we take advantage of.
Change is difficult, Good, but difficult.

So a few things looking back before we plow forward.
There have been some challenges, to be sure.

Taking care of two homes that are an hour apart took its toll on me.
Becoming my own employer is/was a particularly difficult transition.
I wasn't sure what I was "supposed" to do as there is no job description.
It's been a good transition but difficult to wrap my brain around.
I tend to put myself in the helper role rather than the leader role.
(That's so backwards from my younger years.)

My word of the year for 2019 was Prosper.
It wasn't really for financial purposes though that was included.
For me it was about the changes we made and wanting them to be good ones.
I wanted the year to be prosperous with friends, 
 family, home, work, and goodness.
Of all of that, I would say I was better at keeping in contact with friends.
I'm generally horrible at that since I'm not on social media.
So Prosper served me well for the year but I'm ready to move on.

In addition to learning, I've had to relearn.
An example was our tomatoes.
I planted 1/2-2/3 as many plants as I usually did up the mountain
and my oh my.
We had a tomato jungle!
By season's end, I was tired of seeing them
even though my inner being loved them for the winter sustenance.

What's ahead?
This is always more fun, isn't it?
My word of the year this year is Grace.
It has multiple meanings and all in all is what I'm after.
If you do a word of the year, I'd love to hear it.

I will be taking a CAD class beginning next week. Yikes!
It was kinda funny when applying.
There were questions like:
Can your parents claim you on your insurance - haha.
How 'bout it Medicare? 
Will I have graduated high school by the beginning of the term?
I sorta remember high school-heehee
Anyways, that was a hoot!
We are designing our own home and whenever the time comes
will general it ourselves.
We have some time ;-)
It will also be a huge perk with work.
I will be able to do the detail drawings required for many jobs.

I'm very much hoping to sell the mountain house this year.
We'll work on that more towards spring,
but I'm hoping not to have to keep up with 2 yards this year.
(Prayers on that one greatly, hugely, enormously appreciated!)

Along that note, I'm looking forward to the garden this year.
Now that I have a glimmer of what gardening here is like,
maybe I can plan a little more appropriately.

Beginning January 1, I am challenging myself 
to see how long I can go with no spending.
I did this a few years back and made it to April.
I will do the envelope system for groceries
and pay our regular monthly expenses but nothing more.
I don't beat myself up if something arises that I spend.
I just start again at the beginning of the following month.
The trickiest part is being mindful of what day it is so I remember to do it.
I do keep a list of things we need or could use.
They are usually in the form of an antique so are things
that take time (sometimes years) to find.
I know if a cider press came along for the right price
sometime in February, I wouldn't think twice about breaking my challenge.
It would cost me more in the long run to wait and pay a higher price.
Bottom line is, I do what I can but don't take it to unreasonable extremes.

The other thing I'm hoping is to decrease my fabric stash.
Rather embarrassing, but I donated 3 carloads full of fabric.
Much of it had been given to me, but more and more I tell myself
"I'm not a storage unit."
At one time I made most of my clothes so had quite a bit of apparel fabric.
I enjoy quilting so primarily kept quilting fabrics - totes and totes of it!
I'm hoping to do a show or two next holiday season
which if anything sells would also generate some green stuff.

There are one or two other things I am hoping to make happen,
but I'll keep those a secret so you can be surprised.
Ain't that just like me - save the juicy stuff - heehee.

I'm looking forward to 2020 and to settling in to life here and now.
I don't anticipate any major life changes this year which is a relief.
 I have found the vinegar and tablecloths and
 am figuring out what needs to be done at work and when.
Are any of you routine people?
It sure throws me for a loop when my routine is upset for any length of time.
I do pretty good with short divergencies.
I think it's because I have that base routine to get back to.
Anyways, 2020 holds many promises for each of us.
Each day is getting just a little longer and each day brings us closer to our tomorrow so we might as well enjoy it, because
tomorrow it will be a memory.

Wishing you all much Grace
and many Blessings~


  1. I hope the class goes well, that sounds interesting. The spending challenge is something I need to do also, seriously. Love your word choice for the new year. I'll keep the sale of your house in my prayers.
    Peace and grace for 2020.

  2. For better or worse, I pretty much just take one day at a time, though I have certain general guidelines by which I try to live. One is, if I don't need it, don't buy it.

  3. What a beautiful post. Best of luck with the sale of the mountain home. You've had a lot of responsibility. Two houses and yards can be intense.

  4. Thanks Stephanie. It sure was - hoping to have a little less this year.

  5. 2019 was a busy year for you. I can’t imagine maintaining two houses, especially two yards!
    Good luck with all your plans, Lady Locust! I wish a very productive and happy 2020!

  6. "Grace" is such a lovely word. I could almost steal it! :~) I hope you have a wonderful year, and, just maybe a cider press will come along!

    1. We can share it if you'd like :-) I think it would like to me shared.

  7. Grace continues to be my word. Has been for the last 3 years.
    Much grace to you, Lady Locust.

  8. My brother and I inherited our father's house and another property which we took turns cutting grass for during the summer. Those properties were only half an hour away but still was stressful to each of us.
    Wishing you a speedy sale of the property in the mountains and success with your goals in 2020.

  9. Your Word For The Year has meaning to you... Your Plans can be flexible... Sounds very logical... Best wishes with all you hope for, this coming year.

    Please remember my wish-for-here, commented on another post. That you post more, here. Please... -smile-

    Wishing you,
    a Happy, Healthy,
    and Joyful New Year!

  10. Lots to look forward to in the new year. Happy New Year

  11. Such a thoughtful post. I hope that all of your wishes come true this year.
    I wish you a Happy Healthy Grace-full New Year.

  12. Thank you and likewise ~ am looking forward to seeing what springs up in your garden.

  13. Grace is one of my favorite words. Where would I be without it? After all your changes during 2019, I wish you abundant grace. You deserve it. :)

  14. I am so excited I stumbled across your blog! I am can already tell I am going to love browsing your past posts and reading your current ones. I love the whimsical feel of your blog. I love the word you picked for this year, the title of my blog is "Growing in Grace". :) Thank you for sharing some of your goals for this year. I love the idea of seeing how long you can make it without any unnecessary spending. I might just try that! Happy New Year!