Monday, February 1, 2021

Do You Remember?

 Oh it's you~
Well don't stand there in the cold,
do come in where it's warm.

I'm so glad you're here.
Here let's hang your coat to dry.
I have water heating for tea if you'd like to pick a cup.
Isn't the steam rolling over the lip of the cup 
like a promise of flavor to come?

We can sit in where it's softer so we can chat.
I was just thinking about something the other day
that I hadn't really thought of for a long time.
Do you remember that magazine you used to get?
I got the same one, and we would compare thoughts
about the particulars.
I was thinking how nice it was looking forward to it.
That sounds silly, I know.
It was nice to get it too,
but the happy anticipation of opening the mailbox
and seeing it inside was the part I was thinking about.
Now 'days, everything is right there, all the time.
We miss out on the anticipation part.
It's kinda sad really.
The other thing is that we kept living in between issues.
Now that's something isn't it?
As much as we enjoyed reading it and scouring the pictures
for treasures and ideas, we still lived our lives.
It seems strange now that there should be something new
every minute of the day.
Makes me wonder.
What do folks look forward to?
And when do they live?
See I warned you, I was thinking.

Well, that thought turned into a rabbit hole
and got me to thinking even more.
You know, I might be just as guilty as the next person.
I see you laughing at me.
Now, don't go and spill your tea.

That magazine doesn't even exist anymore
so I'm not too sure what I should be anticipating,
but I want to live in between.
I figure it'll work itself out along the way.
Something always presents itself
if there's room for it.
I s'pose for now I'm anticipating the living part.
That's flat backwards from how it should be.
Sometimes the getting turned around is the difficult part.
Figuring out which way to go when everything is spinning
can get you off kilter.
Once pointed in the right direction,
it's much easier to proceed. 
Guess that's what I'm trying to do
is get myself turned around.
Just have to get my bearings so I can get going.

Is that so?
Well then, maybe we can both try to get turned around.
We can lend each other a hand.
And if we stumble, we can laugh with each other
while offering that hand.
Then maybe we can discuss the particulars
and look for treasure,
though I'm suspicious it's right here 
in this room with tea and laughter.
Shall we have another cup?

(If this post make sense to you~
and if this post makes no sense to you~
Bless you~)



  1. Interesting and thought provoking post. Just yesterday when making chili I turned on the small TV in the kitchen and had memories of me and my departed mother calling each other when we found a good movie on TV. And, in fact, I subscribed her to the same magazine (now gone as you said) and would tell her to look on page so and so and what did she think. So you made some valid points. Ah, you always do that with your posts....get us thinking, lol.

    1. Off the subject, but chili for supper tonight here too :-) Your comments are always so encouraging~ thank you.

  2. Understood. Another sign of times gone by. Our lives and expectations have had to change over the years, and that isn't always good.

    1. They sure have changed. Guess the realization of that is what is helpful in putting things in perspective.

  3. I have a webpage open as we speak to a magazine I want to subscribe to... as always I’m a bit behind ❤️🤗

    1. It is a nice feature that we can now preview to see what types of things are in a magazine. (I like those with more written info than pretty pictures.)

  4. One dear friend, now departed, was served breakfast in bed by her dear hubby on the morning after that magazine arrived, while she poured over the pages. I miss that magazine and that friend!

    1. Peculiar how a trivial happening (receiving a magazine) can bring back such valuable memory. Hugs.

  5. I used to love retrieving my monthly magazines from the mailbox as a young girl. Now I love reading things online and on my Kindle.

    1. The online feature is definitely convenient. :-)

  6. Lady Locust, that went straight to my heart! Funny, bittersweet, and exactly, exactly saying what I have felt when I look back...

  7. I love this post!!!! I still get several magazines in the mail. there is something about the glossy pages and being able to rip out ideas if needed. I also will send a issue to a friend that maybe there is an article in there that reminds me of them. I will send it with a hand written note, we call happy mail. I always get the best responses from it. We are much to instant in this world a trip to the mailbox can be fun. And steaming tea oh I must go make one right now....

    1. Oh I love the idea of "happy mail" ~ what a wonderful idea.
      Also, this comment just showed up so sorry it wasn't posted sooner. (aliens?)

  8. I miss getting magazines in the mail! Now we have Pinterest and Instagram. Now I anticipate my favorite content creators coming out with their new vlogs on YouTube every week...kind of like waiting for that new magazine to arrive in the mailbox. :)


  9. We do still have things to look forward to don't we :-)

  10. I totally get what you're saying and miss those days. I so looked forward to getting my favorite magazine with beautiful pictures that made me want to change everything in my house. And, like you said, we "lived" in between and had something to look forward to. Now there is so much in front of us all the time, it is overwhelming! Loved your post!

  11. Yes this makes perfect sense to me. I still like to read an actual book, and look at the magazines. I'm old school, and I wouldn't want it an other way. Yes, I have a computer, and phone. But I like the idea you proposed that we live in between. Remember when you had to get film developed and had to wait to get it back.