Wednesday, October 20, 2021

Of Tea & Labels

Okay dear friends.
Time for something pleasant.
I know coffee gets all the glory,
but tea really is a lovely drink.
It seems I'm always trying new teas.
My favorite tea was "lemon blossom" 
which was discontinued several years ago now.
Since then, I've stuck with mint tea but have searched
for a new favorite tea that I actually really enjoy and look forward to.
There are some pretty spendy teas out there!
Many of them don't taste like they should be spendy at all.
Well, I finally found not just a tea, but several
that I really savor.
Each one I've tried, I've loved!
I think I've tried six or seven of their teas and
have purchased six of them so far. . . 
and there's another I want to try - citrus chill.
I am not connected with them and I don't get any payment from them
for saying these things.
I just really like their teas and appreciate finding them.
Of all their teas I've tried, I would describe them
as "whole flavors."
So often it seems like there is something missing (like flavor).
These taste complete.
So like I said, I've ended up with half dozen different teas.
I've had these bailor jars for ages.
I purchased them at a dollar store long ago,
and they've come in handy.
I decided they would be good for the teas.
I think they are as pleasing to look at as to drink - 
well, almost.
Many of you might have figured out by now 
that I'm more about function than about fashion.
I like things to look nice,
but when it comes down to it, it has to function
and be as usable as ever.

Weeeeellll. . . . story time 
Some time back, I purchased some attractive
reusable labels to give as a gift.
They were actually for my mom who loves lavender.
The labels are good quality and very pretty.
My mom loved them.
Where did I get these great labels?
I knew you'd ask.
(Again not affiliated)
But wait, that's not the end of the story.
So Jes has a way of making things beautiful.
She takes those extra steps and it shows.
When I received the labels for my mom,
there were also a few extras in the form of samples.
Those teas above in the bailor jars needed labels
and they were handy so I wrote 
the name of the tea and put them on the jars.
I used a fine point permanent marker.
If I ever want to change them,
a quick spritz with hairspray wipes it clean.
Hairspray also works for getting permanent marker out of jeans.
Don't ask me how I know that.
Anyways, those little samples worked!
I like that they are a nice quality unlike the little paper stickers.
End story: I ordered some for me and some more for Christmas gifts.
My family is to the point in life that we really don't need "things."
So we try to give smaller things that can be used or consumed.
These are perfect!
I am having so much fun using them.
They are both functional and beautiful.
Pantry stocking this time of year can be wearing.
I am still working on the tail end of tomatoes
and will be dehydrating greens and cidering some apples
within the next week.
It's pretty easy, for me at least, to just get the stuff canned
or jarred and not label it (for shame!)
I know - that's bad.
These are certainly handy and if I'm sipping tea
while I'm canning or prepping foods,
it makes for a much nicer time.
I've been on the go quite a bit lately,
but I wanted to post something nice.
These are the items that came to mind first.
They are things I am grateful for~
I hope you enjoy them.



  1. Sometimes the simplest things bring the greatest joys. Nice to see a post from you. ~Robin~

  2. I'm primarily a coffee drinker but switch to tea after supper because otherwise I won't be able to sleep. I love flavoured teas (or oolong) so I understand your liking for them too. I looked at the Hummingbird web site but can't find where they're located....I assume in the US? I'm in Canada so no hope of getting them here unfortunately.

    1. They are in Washington State. Might ask them prior to ordering if you do want some. They are very nice & accommodating.

  3. I love tea and do not treat myself near enough. I am no fan of the mints reminds me to much of tooth paste. I do drink a cup most evening while watching tv.
    You are very busy


    1. Hoping to slow down a little soon~ I don't typically care for the berry flavors, but they have a nice variety of those too. (My mom likes those.)

  4. It all sounds wonderful. I love the labels. Herb teas are so soothing and healing...

  5. The Hummingbird teas look lovely. Very nice that they offer sample sizes. And the labels are the perfect touch!

    1. The aliens must be playing games with you :-) It came through 3 times. I only published it once. And I too like to get a sample first.

  6. Enjoyed your post so much. I want to be a tea drinker, always have. Late yesterday I made myself a cup of tea. All I had was decaf. green tea. Made it and added honey. It was awful. No taste! That is my complaint about tea. No taste! And how do tea drinkers enjoy afternoon tea and then sleep at bedtime? I would never get a wink of sleep. Anyhow, I love your pretty jars and the labels and the teas look so delicious. Any suggestions for a wanna be tea drinker? :) Thank you.

    1. If you like a bolder flavor, I would shy away from white teas. They are pretty delicate. Most green teas are decaf. but not all. I'm not sure what kind of flavors you like, but I like both the Parisian red and the peachy green. Cinnamon is a stimulant so I would look at the ingredients. Or are you nibbling a cinnamon cookie with the tea? If you like chamomile, that is very nice on a blustery evening and is a relaxant. My mom likes the berry flavors which aren't my taste, but she's had no adverse effects from drinking them in the afternoon. Hope that's of some help.

    2. I love tea too! I will have to check out Hummingbird Tea. Thanks for the recommendation.

      Your little labels are so pretty. And what a great gift idea!


  7. Those labels are lovely! And so are the cute jars. Thanks for the advice about the hairspray. I knew it gets tar off hands but didn't realize the other things it could do!

  8. You are right about the labeling. I have a jar of something in my pantry. I always look at it and try to guess. I need to solve the mystery and just open it. I love your labels and jars. I've been making a lemon tea with my lemon basil, lemon balm, and lemon grass. I really like it with a spoonful of honey from my hives. Life is good!

  9. I like tea in the cooler months, it warms you through and through from the inside it seems. I like Green Tea. It's always a joy to come here and spend some time.

  10. I love to see things stored in jars........your jars with your labels are so pretty. I love coffee and tea both. I prefer hot tea even on the hottest of days. There is just something so soothing about a good cup of tea!