Thursday, February 10, 2022

Almost St Valentine's ❤️

 It's almost St. Valentine's Day 💖
It's a day I love.
When the kids were little, we had an advent for it.
Each day they got a little tid-bit in their mailbox.
When we first began doing it, they each had a tin cup,
and each morning they would check their tin cup
for a goody.
Then one year, I found little mailboxes.
Those filled with treats was their Valentine that year.
We kept them and used them each year after that.
I still have the tin cups and have given them their mailboxes.
There is even a larger tin cup with a label my daughter made,
because they had each made me a card or surprise.
Alas, my kids are grown.
I just mailed off a little Valentine package to each of them
in this morning's mail.
Several years ago, a friend shared some spice thins with me.
They were a store bought cracker/cookie 
that's now been discontinued.
They were delicious, and I finally found a recipe
 that is remarkably close and equally delicious.
I will share the link to the recipe I used at the end of this post.
So I made some of those and some button-ups.
Button-ups are essentially a shortbread cookie,
partially dunked in chocolate and topped with a cinnamon candy.
I also did some chocolate hearts but had them all boxed up
and had forgotten to take a picture.
Another fun little treat for this week is a blossom.
I have been given multiple starts 
of my great-grandmother's geranium plant.
Each and every one has met its fate.
It is a true deep red.
My mom gave me her plant (from Ggma) at the end of summer.
It needed trimming and was "spent" looking.
I kept 4 stems and stuck them in starter pots of soil.
Three have lived and one died.
Of the 3 that lived, 2 are blooming.
They are certainly a cheery sight during the winter gloom.
They have been fun and easy to propagate.
I don't have room inside so they only get a north facing window.
I guess they don't mind.
And the plant Ma gave me is looking good too.
On a side note:
I also have a pole bean and a tray of spinach planted.
I just can't help myself.
I purchased one of those little green houses on clearance last fall,
but it's still too cold for it.
I will probably set it up the end of the month and
see what kind of trouble I can cause in the garden.
(Never mind the dirty window.  Tis the season.)

All and all, blooms and treats~
It must be Valentine's.



  1. Oh dang, started the comment and lost it. What a sweet memory of your childhood and am sure your grown children will enjoy their package.

    1. I hate it when that happens. I'm thinking they should have received them today but haven't heard yet (son works nights so???)

  2. What a lovely tradition Lady Locust. And that is a very cheery flower indeed.

    1. Thank you and it's been fun watching it since it's in the house.

  3. What lovely things. And a great idea to have an advent mailbox for the kids. I have never heard of it or even thought of it.

    1. I think it really came about as a way to have more treats 😂

  4. What wonderful Valentine's traditions!!! Your children are lucky and blessed, blessed and lucky, to still receive special Valentines from mum. Your love may be the spiced cookies (and they do look pretty...and sound good), but I'm in love with the button ups. So pretty!!! I haven't met many shortbreads I don't love...and shortbread dipped in chocolate = a little piece of heaven in my book. How do you get their wonderful shape? At first I thought it was a scalloped round cutter cut in half, but the closer I look, I think not? Or is that the drool getting in the way??? 🤔 ~Robin~

    1. Actually I've made those button-ups for years. They are one of my favorites. I have a few odd shaped cutters. This one is kinda a Jacobean leaf. I have a wavy triangle and a few others. They are fun.

  5. mmmm m- those treats look SO good!! I like the idea of the mailboxes which would also work well at Christmas.
    Reading about your geraniums brought up memories of my mother insisting on pruning hers at the breakfast table, usually on Sunday mornings. To this day I hate that smell and wouldn't have one in the house. Outside, however, they're wonderful.

  6. I never liked the smell of them either but you know what - that's what's in my house at the moment 😂

  7. Geranium are so beautiful but, like you, I dislike their smell although I do have them in pots outside. The spiced biscuits look nice.

  8. I've never been into Valentines Day with special food or baked goodies. Just did the cards when I was a kid at school, and likewise our daughter when she was young at school. Agree about Geraniums being pretty, but disliking their smell. Think having them in the yard away from where we sit on the deck etc is the best way to enjoy the look; but not have them close enough to smell.

  9. Those cookies look delicious!!! And I love the traditions you did with your children ♥️ Absolutely lovely and beautiful memory makers!

  10. Those cookies look amazing! Thanks for the link to the spice thins. I will have to bake a batch. The cranberry orange loaf I made is nearly gone. Loved this post and your photos...

  11. You are a modern day Tasha Tudor ! She had the Sparrow Post with her children. Then add in the baking and the gardening. All these things cause life to be fun and an adventure, as it should be. From your new friend in Alabama. Marshel ( PS Being single all my life and a country schoolteacher, Valentine's Day passes right by unnoticed every year !! )

  12. I forgot to mention, I write for the local magazine. I've rewritten my monthly article for next month about four times already. If you have time, read it ( about Baby Boomers being influenced by our parents) and leave any suggestions you might have to make it better ! Thanks Marshel in Alabama

  13. I overwintered my beautiful scarlet geranium in the basement. It never died back, and produced flowers down there with only the small window and cooler temperatures. I brought it up, and it is growing. They are lovely and those small little flowers in the grayscale season we are having is a joy.I'll have to post about soon.