Monday, August 15, 2022

Teaming Up

Hi All.
This might not be a super inspirational post,
but my hope is that it might at least be helpful.
And it might help build friendships and community
which by now, you've probably figured out, I'm all for.

Hucklebunny & Ness

I think you're all smart enough to acknowledge that
some things have been a little difficult to come by lately.
Or if you can find said thing, it might be quite expensive.
Something that dawned on me today
that we've been doing is what I call "teaming up."
A couple friends and my mom and I look out for items
we are each looking for.
An example, I couldn't find the 1/2 gallon canning jars
in our town.
My mom (& dad) have to go to another town about 45 min. away
for doctors appointments so she said she would look.
She called me from the store and asked how many I wanted.
They evidently had a stack of them.
I only needed one box - heehee
She hasn't been able to find coconut oil in the larger tub.
When I was at the store yesterday, I saw some.
The price was 80% higher than last time they had it.
(Yes, 80% - almost double.  I did the math.)
I'm going to look one more place for her before purchasing any.
A friend of mine found a large borax for me
rather than those little boxes.
I have found paprika for her.
I realize it sounds a little silly to share your shopping list,
but it seems to be working well for us.
It's pretty easy also.
I usually have a shopping list so write on it
to look for paprika when at a certain place.
I know it's often easier to order online, 
but even when we place orders online,
we call each other or mention if we see each other
I'm placing an order from Xsite.  Do you need anything?
Often times, with a certain amount shipping is free
or at least less if combined.
The other thing that has come about from doing this
is that we let each other know if we find good deals on an item.
I just found a new shipment of whole pork loins for $2.49/lb.
That's a pretty good price for here and for now
so I shared that information.

We can't control everything that is going on around us,
but we can make the best of what we can do
and be kind and helpful to friends and family.
It has also been a bit of a "stress reliever."
I'm not really sure that is the correct term for what I mean,
but it's very healthy interaction and feels good to help someone
as well as having someone smiling while helping me.
The blessing is in the giving so to speak.
And we've each benefited from doing it.

*Note: When it's really hot, we bring Hucklebunny in the house to cool off a little.  She has her laundry basket and is comfy unless Ness sees her.  She will join her in the basket.  It's adorable, but I think Hucklebunny is less than impressed by it.


  1. That is a great way to shop. WE kind of do the same thing. My daughter is going to trader Joes tomorrow and wanted to know if I needed anything from there the closest one to me is 1 hour away. I never need much in there.
    The price of things is horrifying I hate to think of this winter.

  2. It definitely is a challenge to find what you want in a given week and sometimes weeks. And as you say when you do find it the price is almost double. You're wise to grow the garden to can and freeze food. While the supply chain might have been an issue in the past finding food might be an even more problem in the future. That is for those who can afford it. Never thought I'd ever see this happen in my lifetime.

  3. Awwww.... Huckleberry and Ness are adorable...and adorable together. Funny the circumstances that bring animals...and humans...together. When my family was closer we had a system much like this... My nephew is a professor at the state university 3-1/2 hrs away, but they have stores we only dream of here. Mostly it was the spice store. Funny but true. I do believe, though, this harkens back to our simpler state of our heritage where neighbors/friends helped each other. They knew what another needed and vice versa... And life was a great deal better in so very many ways. ~Robin~

  4. How cute is that? They sit together in the basket. Hucklebunny what a cute name. It is so nice that you have others who are looking after you, and you them. Very old school, and IMO we need more of it. We can teach the young and maybe it will catch on. We can only hope right. It is funny how things are depleted in one place and readily available in others. Nice chatting with you as always. ~Faith~

  5. Well I've never seen anything as cute as Hucklebunny and Ness in that basket together. I love your idea of shopping and sharing. My sister and I do that. She has me looking for a Visionware pot now, when I go in thrift stores. Remember the old Vision glass cookware? I actually liked using them.

  6. What a great post. The first pic is precious! Teaming up to keep an eye out for things is a wonderful idea. I haven't been able to find canning supplies at all this year. Hopefully, things will be better next year.

  7. What a great idea. Particularly for unusual items or for items more available in one location than another. I don't really have people close by that that would well with; but like your idea, and calling it teaming up is perfect. We have a group of people we see every winter when we all go south to get out of winter and we do that when there. We have a Costco membership and a few others in the group have a Sam's membership so we often nab things for each other because of that.

  8. When our kids were young and always hungry we often would order baking supplies in bulk and share among my friends. 100 lb bags of flour are way too much for one family but when shared it makes it manageable and far cheaper. Now, of course, we have no need to order in such quantities. Now my friends and I will often keep an eye out for something in our travels that we know another friend needs and let them know.

  9. They are gorgeous together! That's nice that you help each other with items you need. My neighbors appreciate me giving them home grown fruit from my garden.