Monday, January 30, 2023

~*It Usually Works Out*~

Well, the New Year is already a month in.
How does that happen so quickly?
I would like to share a quirky little story
about something that happened to me recently.
~For any of those who are feeling stressed
or in doubt about a pressing matter
or uncertain about a decision to be made.~

I know that's a lot, but I do feel that many folks are struggling
with abnormal levels of pressure lately.

I will even name the incident.
The Spud Basket Incident

Shortly before Christmas, I was in a local thrift shop
looking for something particular.
While there, I saw this wonderfully made, nice quality
and very large basket.
It was probably three feet tall and almost as big around.
It was in great condition and the kicker was,
it was marked at $17.
I wasn't there for a basket.

The first thing that comes to mind with a basket of that size,
of course is a laundry basket.
I already have very nice laundry baskets
that I very much appreciate.
I walked away from that basket.
It wasn't something I needed at the time, and I couldn't think of 
an immediate use for it.
(first strike)
Now that basket sorta haunted my mind for a day or two.
It really was remarkable and a great bargain.
I decided to give it to God as the saying goes.
I thought finally what a nice potato basket it would be.
How many spuds could a basket that size hold?
How many spuds do we eat each year?
That seems like a lot of spuds.
Where could I put a basket of spuds that size?
With spuds in mind, I thought if I went back and it was there,
I would get it.
If it wasn't there, then I wasn't meant to have it at this time.
So Monday morning, I went back.
That's when I discovered they were closed on Mondays.
At that point, I counted it as a second strike.
I went back again on Tuesday.
You can probably guess by now, the basket was gone.
(Strike three)
I knew it was fine and accepted that I wasn't meant to have it.
But to be quite honest,
I was pretty deflated.
Yes, I know.
It sounds absolutely ridiculous - it's just a basket after all.
Go ahead and roll your eyes - I understand.
However, the idea of a basket for our spuds still lingered.
I went about preparing for Christmas.
As I was walking in the spare room for some wrapping paper one day,
I saw it.
You might as well roll your eyes again because here it is.
I had a basket.
Wait. . . what?
It's sturdy with a wire frame and well made.
It has handles for moving and is a much more realistic size.
My mom had given me my baby blankets and clothes
and not knowing what to do with them,
I stuffed them in the basket.
I had purchased the basket because it was so sturdy and a good price.
(Yes, I evidently have a weakness for good baskets.)
I dumped those blankets on the spare bed to deal with later
and examined the basket.
It was perfect!

I didn't have time to make a proper liner for it right then 
as we were heading right into Christmas with plenty to do on that front.
But I did get to it shortly thereafter.
I made a liner of a good quality muslin.
I've not yet made a "lid" or cover for the top,
but I have our spuds in their basket and use them as needed.
It's working wonderfully.
Had I caved and bought that giant basket on impulse,
I would have a great big basket with a small amount of spuds in the bottom
or be tripping on it in our little house, or who knows what else.
It was a really good reminder of how 
even if I want something and don't get it - 
something else better is apt to show itself.
See, it's really not about a basket.
I needed the reminder,
because like many others,
I've had stresses weighing on me too.
That silly spud basket lifted a little weight from my shoulders
by knowing I don't have to have everything figured out all the time.
Trusting that it will all work out is often easier said than done.
Whatever giant basket is haunting your mind,
just know something better will present itself
and that it usually works out.
And with that,
I hope, dear friends, you have a splendid day~ 


  1. Brings to mind a song, “His eye is on the spud, and I know He watches me.” Or sparrow…but spud does work

  2. Wow! I could have written that, except for the eloquent ending. I cannot just buy something. I do like you did and come up with lots of if it is still there it is mean to be's. Then when it wasn't meant to be, I figure something else out. How you took that story to a different level really fit my day at work. Thank you for such insight. You really made what happened today clearer in my mind.

  3. Basket lover here, so I can relate! lol.

    I have found the same as you, that Providence always provides exactly what I need! And sometimes, just out of love, provides something I simply want. Good lessn and great reminder. Thanks!

  4. So nice to see you post again. It is hard to let go and let the universe decide for you sometimes. I try to do that but it sometimes cause me more stress to wait.
    I guess I am never happy.

  5. What a great post...and so true! I do hate it when that happens, but I love your advice that "it usually works out" - yes, we all seem to have similar ups & downs. And while I don't have a potato basket, I have a potato box...it's a vintage wooden grocery box. It's just right for potatoes & onions...great minds, as they say!

  6. Wonderful lesson, but one that is often for me to abide. The "if it isn't there, it wasn't meant to be" philosophy is one I employ religiously but, that counterpart about believing something better will come along doesn't always follow as easily. I do need to work on my trusting and faith more...I truly do. Thanks for the reminder. Fabulous basket by the way. ~Robin~ (TheCrankyCrow)

  7. Been there & done that. Now I will put it in the basket if I can and walk around for awhile with the item(s). Sometimes I put things back right away, and other times I know I want it with no walking around. Generally when I have something which I would like to have, it eventually comes my way at some point, long after I have forgotten about it or given up. If it is meant for me to have it will turn up. That is a lovely basket filled with my favorite "taters" any way you make them.

  8. I love how you "found" the basket in your home. Actually I recently "found" just the right basket hand made in Africa in my home, after being close to buying one. A word that comes to mind recently is "temporary", it is good to remember that most hard things are temporary.