About Me

We live about 25 miles from the closest grocery store in the beautiful mountains of Oregon.  We strive to provided a good majority of our food for ourselves and/or find it locally while at the same time eating what we consider to be the healthiest diet and creating as little refuse/garbage as possible (down to about 6 bags per year ~ yes!)  It takes great balance to juggle all these balls at once, and at times we are more successful than others.  Sometimes, it's an outright circus.  C'mon along; we enjoy the company.


  1. We never cook bear meat inside the house...and a roast is really good soaked 24 hours in buttermilk in a fridge..then wrapped with lots of fresh sea weed, wrapped both in butcher paper,,,put on the hot coals and fill the hole with dirt..cooked deep pit style.

  2. I am waaay late to the above comment, but why would you not cook bear meat inside the house?

    1. I cook bear in the house. I render the lard outside though. Bear is tedious to clean properly. If just taken to your run-o-the-mill butcher house, it might be different.