Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Baker City Quilt Show

I'm Baaack.  Just have to say it that way to wig you out a little:)  Baker was a blast as usual.  We arrived Friday morning and didn't even put our bags in the room.  We headed straight to the quilt show.  Many beautiful quilts.  First, we began by purchasing raffle tickets for the work of art behind us.  You can't really see the appliqued center, and this isn't the best picture of us, but it is the only one with all of us.  Oh well, we never claimed to be all together all together.  The two gals with name tags are Grace  & Virginia.  Both have been featured quilters and are highly deserving - very talented ladies.  The quality at this show is always remarkable and this year was no exception.  I was a little surprised at the number of "simple" designs this year.  It seems to go in waves.  I have been there when the complexity of nearly every quilt was over the top.
This is one of the quilts I voted for.  The applique would 'knock your socks off' so to speak.  Aaaand, the quilting truly enhanced it.  The quilt that received peoples choice was a different quilt made by the same maker. (Inez Lange)  Wow! 
This years featured quilter was Jess Berry.  He does fabulous work.  Mostly applique with piecing as accents and all hand quilted.  I adored the two little quilts with urns above.  He photographed then printed on fabric a couple from his collection.  They were hanging a little high, and I am somewhat vertically challenged so the view is not straight at them.
And I just thought this one was cute and merry.  What I didn't get a picture of was my own quilt - guess I thought I could look at it any ol' time.  I will have to get the camera out.  Also, a picture worth looking at was the trunk of the car.  Not another fat quarter would have fit, and that's with the quilts in the back seat.  Our bounty was plenty:)
I hope you are having a beautiful day.

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