Sunday, July 8, 2012

Wool Crazy Quilt

Good Morning.  I hope you are all recovering from the wacky holiday week.  I am so happy; I finally found some crazy quilt blogs.  As I said to Pat from Pat Winter's Gatherings, "I knew I couldn't be the only crazy one."  I am nearly finished with one crazy that I thought would be simple, but has turned into quite the challenge - more about that one later.  The one I am anxious to continue on is the one in the bag.
Yes, this is the bag.  To give you an idea of the actual size, it is the bag for my printer (like anyone would pack around a printer???) 

I have the blocks made-up.  They are 14 or 16 inches square (can't remember off the top of my head.)  I made them using all wool, solid colors, recycled/upcycled garments.  I did dye a few of the pieces to get a little  more color variation.  I couldn't resist.  I started stitching on it.  My thing is that I don't use the same stitch on any two seams within the same block.  
 I know that one is smaller than the others:(
 Another thing I did when making these blocks, is use red in the center - represents the hearth of the home.  I like that.  I will be adding 'pictures' to the blocks, but that will be the last thing I do, because I will want to lay all the blocks out and see where the pictures need to be and decide just what kind of picture will need to be in that space:)  Just a me thing.  I have began my own journal of stitches in a real journal given to me to write down my inner most thoughts - stitches work!  I have a few crazy quilts to refer to and jot those stitches down as well as ones I come up with out of necessity.  There are a few books that I just cherish also.
'An Encyclopedia of Crazy Quilt Stitches and Motifs'  This is a great book for beginners.  It has a lot of the basics and I use it often to make sure I have the needle turned just right or just to remember something I should know. 
'Treasury of Crazy Quilt Stitches' is amazing!  This was my birthday present to myself a couple years ago.  Love it!
And 'Elegant Stitches' has a lot of embellishing for the finer side as well as ribbon embroidery and some stumpworkish sort of stitching.  This one is a little more advanced, but has great illustrations for making even basic stitches.  You could use this book from beginner to advanced stages of stitching.  Okay, so this really makes me want to go thread my needle.
So, until next time - happy stitches.


  1. No, girlie you are not alone. Lots of us crazies lurking about. What great looking blocks and I too like that idea of the red in the center of each block. It is nice to have some hidden meaning in your blocks. Nice job on the birthday gift to yourself. You picked a great book.
    Thanks for visiting me and taking time to leave me a comment so I could find and follow you!

  2. Check out pintangle.com, awesome site! Also cqmagonline.com try yahoo group CQFORNEWBIES
    Nice work
    Marianne in NJ

  3. Check out pintangle.com
    Yahoo group- CQFORNEWBIES
    Nice work