Wednesday, December 5, 2012

My Christmas Quilt

Each year for the past several, December means something very special to me, that is in addition to the regular specials. The beginning of December, I quietly go to my room and slowly open the lid to my hope chest at the foot of my bed.  I peer in and my eyes sparkle and my heart does a little leap in my chest. I set aside one then another, then I see it-  
My Christmas quilt, folded so neatly (a little differently each year so it doesn't get stress folds.)  I take it out of the trunk an set it on the bed while I replace the others I removed.  Only very special quilts go in this chest.  I gently unfold the quilt and position it on the bed accordingly.  

There is a church in the middle of the quilt with an embroidered garland.  
To each side of the church is a forest scene with snowmen and women and beneath a row of houses.  A little toy drum, rocking horse, airplane and other toys are just above the train hauling even more toys.
At the foot and on the sides are vines of poinsettias and pine cones. 
 Each corner has a wreath.
Above the church, are red-headed angels.  I love them.  You don't often see angels with red hair.
And a row of bells above the angels.
You're going to love this...

Across the pillows are Santa in his sleigh and his nine reindeer - even has Rudolph leading the team.
There are some pieced sections, but it is primarily needle-turned applique.  There are bells on the harnesses of the reindeer, buttons for holly berries, all the toys are appliqued as well as the poinsettias and pine cones.  There are embroidered embellishments throughout as well.  I do not take credit for this lovely work of art.  I actually won it at the Baker City Quilt Show several years ago.  It was the end of July & I was asked, "You couldn't win an air conditioner?"  I was thrilled to say the least.  This is such a wonderful example of the talent that sweet group of gals possess.  I admire them and am eternally grateful.  The beginning of January, I will gently refold it, place it back in the chest, and look forward to next December. 
Until next time,
Nimble Fingers and Even Stitches  


  1. This is a very beautiful quilt...Thanks for posting:)

  2. What a true treasure!! What a wonderful "treat" for yourself each December! Thanks for sharing!!