Thursday, January 3, 2013


It's January.  Hasn't been above freezing since who knows when.  We have a couple inches of icy snow on the ground that won't go away.

And, we ordered our seeds.  Yep, it's that time of year.  For multiple reasons, I haven't planted a garden for the past year or two.  Usually, I say my house is where plants come to die.  I think it has something to do with water.  I heard once that they grow a little better if they have some once in a while.  I might have to try that.
In all honesty, last time I planted a garden, though small, it was great.  
I like herbs, mmmm.  The best spaghetti I ever made was when I just went out and snipped all fresh herbs for the sauce.
I keep hearing about a fresh start and New Year's Resolutions or about the horrific things to come (we just experienced the end of the world, remember.)  I try to see things from a pretty realistic view.  2013, I have no doubt, will have it's own challenges just as certain years through history have. The thing is, none of those historical events were really just one day or even one year.  To recover from the effects took some time.  And so it will be - we can focus on the miserable, or we can try to be prepared and take it in stride the best way we know how.
How does all this relate to planting a garden you ask.  Yes, I can hear you asking.  It's one of my superhero powers:)  Without getting political, I am uncertain about the upcoming year and what it might bring.  What I am certain about is that I know how to plant a seed.  And if I can do that and nourish it into a productive plant - and maybe even add a little H2O, it will help take care of me.  That's something we can all do.  Plant a seed of kindness, nourish it, and  watch it grow.  You might find a friendship growing someplace you would have never thought possible.
I am so grateful for my family and friends, I want them to know that and continue to know.  So, if I can scatter a little kindness in their general direction, fabulous.  If we plant a seed and forget about it, usually there is nothing to show.  It takes care.  Even if we plant the seed and get it started, it still takes care to continue to grow and bear flowers &/or produce.

That said, I would like to share a little portion of my garden with some folks. My hollyhocks were about 6-7 feet tall this past year and the most beautiful deep fuchsia color.  You would think I would have taken a picture, but alas, I did not.  If you would like a packet of seeds to plant and tend to, just be sure to be a follower of the site (so your picture shows:) and leave me a comment.  I have 6-7 packets to give away so if there are more of you wanting seeds than that, I will draw names.  This is just a little bit of sharing so will keep it short.  I will draw the names January 9th (next Wed.)
Happy digging.

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