Friday, January 18, 2013

Old Beauty

At least several years ago, maybe more, I purchased a quilt through ebay.  It was found in a Chicago attic, no musky odors, but in pretty rough shape.  I think opening bid was ten dollars and I ended up paying eleven due to one other bid.  After I received the email confirming I had won the bid, I received another email - from the seller.  His remark was, "Really?  It's in really bad shape.  Did you look at the pictures?  If you don't want it, I understand."  I responded, "I looked at the pictures and am aware of the condition.  It's fine."  I'm sure he thought I was nuts.  And I knew there was no convincing him of its beauty.  A week or so later I received it.

Every year, I use this quilt as the tree skirt to my bedroom Christmas tree.  Yes, we have a tree in the bedroom too.  The other eleven months of the year, I generally have it hanging over the rocking chair my great-grandfather was rocked in.

I still see its beauty.  There is just something so wholesome and non-intimidating about those deep rich colors.  There is no maker's name or mark, but whoever she was, she too found beauty in it at one time.  And when she was gone, and there was no longer someone to admire it, it was packed away in an attic to wait for me.

I have other quilts that are far more pristine, in far better condition, with far brighter colors, but this one, yes, this one - I find it to be absolutely beautiful.  It's kindness welcomes me.  It's tattered fabrics let me know that my seams are strong and even beautiful when I am feeling completely worn out.  It reminds me that if someone cared enough to add a few embellishments to my life a long long time ago, I should still remember them.  

As you lay your stitches upon your fabrics with love, and pass the treasured quilt on to the recipient, keep in mind that perhaps, just perhaps, your stitches might mean something extraordinary to someone you will never know.

Until next time,
Nimble Fingers and Even Stitches

PS. - Those are chenille flowers and leaves, silk ribbon daisies, and pearl
cotton and silk floss embellishing stitches.


  1. It' beautiful!! I love all the colors too.
    Last year I used a quilt as a tree skirt and guess what my cat did? So I don't do that anymore.
    Have a great weekend!

  2. I would have loved that quilt too. Your blog is very beautiful

  3. Lovely blog! The old quilt has character and charm..... Beautiful. The history is the best part.