Monday, February 18, 2013

Estate Sale Finds

This was actually a good estate sale.  Sometimes, I feel a little weird about estate sales although I love seeing old time goodies that are nowhere to be found on store shelves today.  The ol' fella that owned this home also had another in another town so was selling off one of them.  There were over 8000 books (a good portion cookbooks.)
I found a sweet little doll quilt.
One of the things I just love about these little old doll quilts is their imperfections.  These little blocks are not square - you can see at the bottom corner - as well as the fact that they were loved.

Also, a few kitchen items, I just couldn't live without.
I have always wanted a cake cover - I usually see the tops, but the bottoms are gone, or they are in such poor condition, it's not worth it.  This one is fantastic.  It even locks so the lid doesn't slide over into the cake.  Love little butter molds.  
I have a bit of a collection of pie crust cutters, purely by accident of course:) I actually use them though, some for pie crusts and some for other confections.
I have never seen one like this.  It has the wheel at one end and at the other the scallop.  I can't wait to try it.
And....there was a sewing room with some interesting notions-score!
This might sound funny, but of all my pincushions, I don't have an old fashioned tomato.  Lots of vintage transfers.  I will use some, but not all.  Also, lots of lace and vintage trims, so I have goodies to organize.  Huge hoop - $1.
I did get just a couple other things, but I want to show you that with something else in another post.
There was lots more there of course, but we must set our limits (even if they are waaaaay out there:)
Time to stitch...
Until next time,
Nimble Fingers and Even Stitches


  1. Oh Im jealous girl, so many fabulous finds and treasures!!! you go! :) LOVE these old molds!


  2. you had a good time I can see at this sale, lots of googies you took home.Found your blog through SF fist time on so hello from me Margaret