Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Tokens of the Heart - Idea

~Good Morning~

A bit of a silly tradition I started many years ago is
a St. Valentine's Day advent.
The kids loved it when they were little.
Mr. LB loves it now - he's reluctant
to admit it, but he smiles when he sees it.

This will soon be in my blog shop - if interested before I get it posted, just email me:) 

Here's how it works:
Each person has a tin cup (at one point the kids had official
Valentine mailboxes) but the tin cups are just what we use.
Each morning , there is a treat in each person's cup.
I usually begin February 1, but whatever you like:) 

This is one of our 'actual' tin cups.

These aren't big expensive treats.
We don't take it to the commercialized Christmas level.
It's for fun and love.  One morning, it might be a little
piece of chocolate, another a balloon, or a goofy little eraser.
Mr. LB is a fisherman, so I think one of his treats
has been a little pack of hooks.
It's fun to individualize - fun nail polish, a pack of seeds, etc.
On St. Valentine's Day, there is a little bigger treat -
a small box of chocolates or something fun like that.
Happy St. Valentine's Day.

Until next time,
Nimble Fingers and Even Stitches