Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Bea's Stitches

Many years ago,
I was visiting some friends
and happened to admire a certain pillow.
I was informed that 'his mom (Bea) made it.'
And theeeen....
"I have her stitch guide she drew up
if you would like to see."
Within minutes, 
I was holding the pages with hand-drawn stitches,
designs, and motifs.

I asked if I might just borrow them 
for an evening or two.
"Oh, of course."
I drew them all out by hand just as she had done.
I kept them in an old organizer/planner
that needless to say is not only very out of date,
but also in pretty bad shape.
(It was really embarrassing actually.) 
So, when I visited recently,
I asked if they had a picture 
of Bea that I could borrow and return.
I was presented with a few,
and chose this one.

I embellished it just a tad:)
I'm going to take this to show them 
when I go to make them dinner Friday
for his 93rd birthday.

I also have some of Bea's recipes.
I used 3 rings so that I can add them to it.

If you would like to learn from my mistake:
Notice in the 'B' a water mark.
There was a little (maybe 1/16") white spot
of iron away pen that wouldn't iron away.
I barely dampened a q-tip
to try to remove it.
I was soooo upset.
Don't use water or iron out pens on photo transfers.

Until next time,
Nimble Fingers and Even Stitches


  1. you have created a lovely piece her, and I can not see the mark you mentioned.
    I have heard that the water soluble pens wash out but then can reappear if ironed, I avoid them and use a pencil but that can also be a problem at times.

  2. JoeyLee,
    This is gorgeous! Man alive, woman, you get so many things done!!! What a beautifully embellished notbook! what a fun idea! May I use it also? My daughters would LOVE something like this! With Grandma's recipes in it.
    I love the purple, did you happen toknow if that was a favorite color of hers? If not, it shold have been! LOL it's perfect with her picture.
    The grapes are stunning and I love the "necklace" she wears...so beautiful, I love it!