Monday, May 20, 2013

The Shoe Shine Box

Okay, I am kinda dating myself,
and I am telling of a culture.
Growing up, we had a shoe shine box.
I grew up on a ranch so it had boot polish,
specific 'rags', brushes and sponges with handles.
I remember finding just the right color of polish 
to shine my boots.  
It was a process: polish, rub, shine.
(maybe repeat for good measure.)
Our shoe shine box wasn't decorative like this one.
Ours was just brown, but had the boot rest on top.
There is an old song about a shoe shine boy
singing and making a rhythm with his rag.
Does anybody remember that song?
If so, let me know - I would love to look it up.
This sweet little box is now in my etsy shoppe.
I saw an applique block in the design.
I thought it would be a fun display with a little Dutch colored
quilt draped out of it.
I spent a good portion of the weekend getting a few things listed.
I have more to list - just need to take pictures.
It seems I can only keep up with one thing at a time.
This weekend it was etsy rather than blogger:)

Truth be told, I've been playing outside when weather permits.

PS: I had a friend call me at work today "Chattanooga Shoeshine Boy."
It's by Red Foley. 

Until next time,
Nimble Fingers and Even Stitches

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  1. So fun!
    Cute box, we STILL have a shoe shine bag with polish and brushes and rags, etc. for shining shoes! It has been interesting and fun to teach our children how to do it! I don't do it often enough, but the kids used to shine Dad's Shoes for a Father's day gift, or if they just wanted to "get" something from him! LOL
    I am also reminded of my parents and grandparents and the times I remember watching family shine shoes...