Monday, October 28, 2013

A Frugal Idea as Old as the Hills

I needed a little rug for in front of my sink
I had a couple sets of sheets that were
just for wrapping furniture or 
'just in case' moments.
I cut them into strips,
sewed the strips together,
then rolled the whole mess into
a bowling ball:)

The next part was the best part.
I gave it to my mother who crochets.
It was returned to me in the form of a rug.
How perfect is that?

This rug was made with 4 queen bed sheets.
The strips were cut about 1.5".
The finished rug measures about 17"X40".
I do have another one that is round so
your options are not limited to squares and rectangles.

If you crochet, this would make a 
great Christmas gift.
I try not to decorate other people's houses,
but these are to be walked on so
if it is getting muddy by the back door,
you know it's working.
One other tid-bit,
if you can find all cotton sheets,
you can dye them.
If they are cotton/poly,
the dye won't take so you should find
a color that you like as is.

Until next time,
Nimble Fingers and Even Stitches 


  1. Hi there! Love your pink and white rug. I've made a few from rolled fabric mill ends, but I'm all out of those, now. *eyes the sheets* o.O

  2. This is beautiful! I have seen a rug made out of wool sweaters and would love to try it sometime except I don't know how to crochet or knit :) Maybe someday I will learn. Your rug is simply beautiful - thanks for sharing! Now following your sweet blog and I look forward to visiting again.

  3. What a wonderful idea!! I wished I crocheted!!! Could these strips be braided?


  4. I used to have an elderly cousin whose wife did the oval rugs with braided fabric. I loved them.

  5. Isn't it lovely to have family that will do beautiful things for you???? I love that! WHat a great rug!

  6. I can remember doing this with the long plastic bread bags !
    We would save all of our bread bags and then cut them into strips and crochet them into "soft plastic' rugs. I love that idea.
    Your rug looks great !

  7. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!! But you have a mother who does such crafting! Lucky you!

    Happy Haunting!

  8. what a good idea, like you I like a bit of carpet or something warm to stand on at the sink, especially in the cold weather

  9. What a wonderfully cute and frugal project to use up old material! Thank you for sharing this inspiration on MAKE YOUR OWN HERBAL MONDAY :) Have a wonderful week! ~ JES