Sunday, December 22, 2013

*~*~*A Little Christmas Stitching*~*~*

No laughing,
but after I finished writing my couple of cards
(to those who would otherwise think I was dead,)
I actually spent a little time stitching.
It's just a little quilt
made from the scraps of a much larger Christmas quilt.
I have had the stack of scraps sitting there
in my way for ages so decided to get rid of them this way.
They aren't finished and aren't really Christmas fabrics
but will make a nice little doll quilt
or table topper.

Sometimes these weird little projects
turn out to be some of the most fun to do,
because they don't have to be 'just so.'
So far that's how this one is-
just a fun little thing.

I wish you all a very merry
and blessed Christmas.

Until next time,
Nimble Fingers and Even Stitches


  1. I do like the assortment of blocks you have here, inspiring for us to use up our leftover bits and pieces

  2. Love the colors of this quilt !
    Merry Christmas to you. ;)

  3. Hey, Blossom!
    I LOVE the Tiny quilt! Christmas fabrics or not, they are so Christmas~y! I have a tiny quilt like that my sis-in-law gave me and I adore it! I have had thoughts about making some...as you see, I THINK too much! I spend MUCH more time thinking about making things than actually MAKING things....hmmm...something may need to change around here!
    Christmas hugs and may your days be Merry and Bright!