Sunday, December 1, 2013

Traditions, Ideas, & a Gift Tutorial

As many of you are aware,
we don't have television.
Over Thanksgiving,
we were at my in-laws
who seem to have it on for
all but a few sleeping hours.
On our way home,
Mr. LB said, "No wonder people act so stupid."
We couldn't believe what was in the shows
and especially in the commercials.
We didn't 'do' Black Friday &
find it abominable that big box stores
started their 'big sales' on Thanksgiving.
Yet we know - so be it.
There are things that are so much simpler
and for us at least, better.
When the children were just youngins,
they would string cereal on jute
and hang it out for the birds on Thanksgiving
so they could be thankful too.
It was great.
I love that memory.
The year this was taken was extra-special for the birds.
They also got bagels with peanut-butter and bird seed.

One idea I recently ran across
is to make little pockets for the Christmas tree.
When you are taking down the tree,
strip the needles from some of the branches,
and put them in the pocket for in your dresser drawers.
Then you can be reminded of Christmas
every time you open your drawer.
I thought it was a great little tradition
so here's what I came up with.

I made a very simple version
and will probably make a few more
just for a few friends.
(Just letting you know: I used some scraps I had.)
Also, I used a machine, but they would not be difficult to do by hand.
I like the more primitive look (in the real sense of the word)
so I tore a strip of tea dyed muslin at about 4 inches wide.
Then cut at about 11 inches long
Depending on the width of your fabric,
you can get 3 or 4 pockets from one strip.
Then tear an alternate color at about 1/2 inch wide.
You will need 2 that are about 4 1/2 inches long
and one that is about 4 inches ~ the width you tore your muslin.
I wanted the selvage across the edge so left it.
I used a small scrap of iron on interfacing.
This is where the button hole will be.
Also, on the second one (green) I stitched one of the
1/2 inch strips across this end and liked it better than without.
At the other end, I stitched under about 1/4 inch. 
Stitch a button hole in the end with the interfacing.
(Not done in the picture yet.)
Lay the two 1/2 inch strips along the sides. 
Fold her up and stitch along the sides
(after button hole is sewn of course.)
See below~ 
 Sew button in place.
Fill with pine needles and Christmas memories.

You could get as fancy or as detailed as you wanted.
I thought about stitching "NOEL" on one.
I may or may not do that.
I do like the one with the extra strip of color.
(The green along the selvage.)
If you know someone uses a fake tree,
you could stuff it with cedar shavings.

Other than a floral arrangement and using the Christmas napkins,
I don't decorate until a week or so before Christmas.
I do enjoy Christmas,
and like to keep the focus on the real meaning.
I know others do so differently~ 
it's all good.
Wishing you all Peace, Happiness, and Harmony
this Christmastime.

Until next time,
Nimble Fingers and Even Stitches


  1. Love the bird feeders!
    What a great idea with the pine needles. I like your "pockets"
    Thanks for stopping by my blog earlier and leaving a comment :)

  2. Simplicity- such joy! We also enjoy feeding the birds. Visiting from The Chicken Chick- happy December :)

  3. I am sure the birds enjoyed their feats, wow you have lost of snow, we are forecast to get some here in the UK on friday .what a lovely idea for the pines , problem is I do not have a tree, these last 7 years I have not bothered but the other day I saw some small ones in pots with roots and thought, I might like to have that and keep it for future years and when it gets too big plant it in the garden. sory I have rambled!

  4. I love these sweet pine needle pouches !
    Great idea.

  5. We definitely feel the same about TV...so much junk and noise....no time to truly appreciate all the wonder around us.
    Love your little sachets and I love the idea of keeping a little bit of Christmas all year long! Thank you for the tutorial!

  6. How wise and lucky you are, to choose to live, without television.

    Those of us, who still have it in the house, have to train ourselves to ignore all the adds. All of them. They are all for items we do not need, and are not really good for us, anyway. (The yummy looking food, which is not real food and is manufactured by Big Food Business, etc.... For one thing.) But we are "olden" and can choose to ignore.

    And of course, young people have a harder time, ignoring the adds. Oh sigh yes!

    Live your life, exactly as you choose, my Dear.

  7. Love your pine sachets...I love Christmas and the scent of Christmas....Sometimes I just go stand in my Christmas Closet and sniff! All during the year!
    Simple gifts are so sweet...
    Happy Day to you!

  8. Neat idea! And I love the bagels too :-).

  9. What a wonderful idea for the cereal and bagel strips for the birds. I am going to steal that idea for my grandkids to do. I also loved the drawer pockets. That would work with lavender at the end of the summer also.