Sunday, April 27, 2014

Perfect Stitching Frugal Tip (A DIY)

In case you are newer to this blog,
I am a crazy quilter.
Maybe it's because there is no such thing
as a wrong crazy quilt.
There are a few specifics I like in the design
on some of the crazies though.
One thing is the right color for the accent stitches.
I love the old fashioned wool crazies
with big primitive looking stitches.
Here in-lies the tip:
Use size 30 crochet thread
(often found at thrift stores for a quarter - as long as
it's not stained, discolored, or smelly, and is in good condition.)
Then comes the fun part. 
Dye it the color you want it.
Even if the crochet thread is a color,
I typically just dye them a darker shade.
In the picture above, the peachy color
would go into a pumpkin colored dye, etc.
I often end up dying a piece of wool
a specific color. 
So when that happens,
I throw in some thread.
Here is a vintage yarn winder that I use 
to measure how much I am pulling off the spool/ball.
You could also use a notebook or hardback book,
just so you can slide the thread off of it easily.
If you have left over dye,
add a little vinegar, label it and save it
until your project is finished.
If you don't, you'll end up needing more of that color.
I know there are some very good quality threads and flosses
out there that are sworn by.
I happen to live in No-where-ville.
We don't have a quilt shop any more.
We do have a newer fabric/craft shop,
but they are a small business trying to make it.
They have many necessities but
not a lot of specialty items.
I don't want that to sound negative in any way as
I am extremely grateful for them.

However, by dying my own,
I end up with a perfect matching/contrasting thread.
(and fingers too as I usually don't wear gloves:)
I like two strands on wool.
One strand on cotton is very dainty looking.
To me, the colors just seem more genuine.
Of course, if you don't like to dye things,
you might just stick to store bought.

Until next time,
Nimble Fingers and Even Stitches

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  1. I do admire your dyeing skills, have not had much success myself, now I just drizzle silk paint onto things to colour them not so successful as yours by any means but they serve a purpose, would love to pop over and have a dyeing session with you.