Sunday, May 4, 2014

A Quilt Show and An Estate Sale

Talk about a weekend on the go.
Now I need a weekend to recuperate from the weekend.
Saturday was the Pendleton Quilt Show.
It was nice, not as many vendors as usual
which I am finding is kinda the norm since 2008.
There were of course some pretties:

 These 2 are by Jess Berry.
His work is all self designed and hand appliqued and quilted.

Sunday, while lazily roaming Craigslist antiques,
I ran across an add for an estate sale in Waitsburg, WA.
I was going to wait until next weekend
to go that direction for a few odds
but decided to go today instead.
The prices (on Sunday) at half off were fair.
The 'regular' price was what one might find
in a much larger city so perhaps fair in a different geographic area.
They were fair enough to find a few goofy little goodies.
 A whimsical frog tape dispenser.
                                                    This thimble intrigued me.  
It has a thread cutter on the side.
It's just sitting on the tea cup, because it's little.
Mr. LB went fishing today so
when I saw this picture, I just cracked up.
It's called "Pa & Ma Philosopher."
I got a few other things also,
that I neeeeeded of course.
I've been being good about saving so I almost felt guilty
after buying these things today.
Mr. LB laughed at me when I told him that and said,
"Just don't spend the mortgage."

May you all have a beautiful Sunday evening.

Until next time,
Nimble Fingers and Even Stitches


  1. a lovely selection of quilts, lovely applique on the last one. Good to see you have a spend to at the sale, such a cute frog and not seen a thread cutter on a thimble before.

  2. Beautiful quilts and fun finds. Looks like you had a great weekend.