Monday, August 18, 2014

Choke Cherries and Money Savers

Yes, we are still alive.
We have just had a lot of life come at us at once.
I'll fill you in on that later,
but wanted to show you.
 Here are my choke cherries all picked, cleaned, 
and ready to juice for some jelly.
(Working on Christmas gifts now.)
What do you think of that great metal bowl?
It is actually one of two.
I call them my fruit bowls.
They are just deep and wide enough to hold a lot of fruit
without crushing it.
They were purchased for $1 each ~
on clearance in the automotive section of the store.
They are really for changing oil.
Also, if you need buckets,
check out the automotive department.
The same buckets that you will find in the cleaning section
by the mops and brooms is often
a fraction of the cost if you get them in the auto section
of the same store.
The only difference being maybe the color.
Other items you might find cheaper over there are
scrub brushes, buffing/polishing cloths, and spritzer bottles.
If there is something you need along those lines,
you might just check out the automotive dept.
before buying it from the 'regular' dept.
and save yourself a couple dollars.
Tonight, we'll be cleaning the elderberries
into the other bowl:)

Until next time,
Nimble Fingers and Even Stitches


  1. You can usually save money in some of the unusual places that is for sure. Your berries look so yummy and I know the jelly will taste good especially on a cold winter day. School started and guess what it turned hot which is not surprising. Hope all is well. Hugs and Prayers from Your Missouri Friend.

    1. I love finding unexpected bargains:) I hope the jelly turns out well. I've made lots of jellies over the years, but the last time I tried choke cherry, I scorched it. We'll hope for a little better results this time 'round.

  2. I am hoping for berries on our farm soon! We had planted red raspberry but I am nervous that the ants have taken them over... Your choke cherries are simply beautiful!

    1. Last year was not a good fruit year over here. I am so glad that this year looks like it's trying to make up for it. Pears, apples, berries, etc. all loaded:) I don't know a cure for ants in the berries, rotten little critters. They can sure cause havoc.
      Happy day.

  3. Your berries are beautiful & I love that the bowls are for oil changing :) What a great tip! I am hoping to make some peach jam for Christmas gifts this year, but as I have never canned anything (it makes me a little nervous!) yet, we shall see!

    1. Your peach jam will be great. I learned to can making jellies then just went from there:) Applesauce is a great starter too (and you can add a dash of cinnamin ~ yum.)