Monday, November 17, 2014

A Family Activity ~ Bird Feeder

About a year ago,
I posted that around Thanksgiving
we make a treat for the birds.
You can see that post here.

This year, the feathered little tweeties
get peanut-butter seed cones.
This can be a bit messy so be prepared.
The supply list is rather simple:
pine cones
peanut butter
bird seed
jute twine
and scissors, spoon, butter-knife, and bowl.
In case you are unaware,
pine cones close in the cold and open in the heat.
I only mention that, because
I have met so many people who don't know it.
If your pine cones are closed,
bring them in and set them by the stove
or even in the oven on a cookie sheet lined with foil.
Your first step is to tie a string of jute
(about 18 inches long) onto the top point of the pine cone.
Then use a butter knife to put peanut butter
in all the little crevices.
(I did notice I missed a spot or two when I took the picture so had to fill them in.)
Next, set the covered pine cone in a tray of bird seed.
 Use a spoon to cover it with seed.
Also, tip it on it's side and make sure there is seed
covering all the peanut butter.
Now it is ready to be hung in a tree 
for our feathered friends.
I have done this as a children's church activity,
and it went very well.
If you do so,
you might want to take plastic sandwich bags
so the children can take them home.
If you make them at home,
you can take them directly out and hang them in a tree.
Warning: try not to hang them next to where
the cats can easily get to them.

Until next time,
Nimble Fingers and Even Stitches.


  1. Wow! What a fun and neat treat for the birds! What kind of birds are attracted to this treat?

  2. can see you have enjoyed making these and the birds will love them. here we say if the pine cone is closed it is going to rain, now I know why it does not work we have the wrong info!!

  3. Great idea, I bet the birds love it! And my girls would live making them.

  4. Thanks for the reminder!
    I think I will use that as a 12 days of Christmas activity for my grandgirls, we get to see them this Christmas! I am so excited! I am trying to incorporate service for others into the activities, and service to the birds will be a wonderful addition!

  5. I bet the birds just love these and they are so pretty.

  6. Hey, girl,
    Thanks for coming by my blog...yes, I am still alive over here! I always enjoy your comments!

  7. Oh I love the pinecone treats for the birds, They remind me of my grandmother, who would always put the real Christmas tree out in the back yard when done with it, then decorate with pinecones and seed, orange pieces and peanut butter. We would always watch the birds eating and taking cover in the tree. Thank you for sharing with the Clever Chicks Blog Hop! I hope you’ll join us again next week!

    Kathy Shea Mormino
    The Chicken Chick

    1. I love that! I don't know if you clicked on the link, but we have made cereal garland in the past. It would be great to do the pine cones and the garland with bagels etc. Thank you.
      PS am glad your cluckers get to stay put:)